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PCB Repair Course:


Throughout the PCB repair course you’ll learn and practice PCB repairing with Instructions, PCB Pad/Component, Soldering, Copper tape over the track, Solder the joints, wiring, PCB connection Track, PCB drawing, Micro controller, Resistor etc



Course Description:


Throughout this PCB repair course you get introduced to different concepts related to PCB repairing. PCB Repair Course gives in-depth understanding of the tools and equipments and different accessories related to PCB repair like mirco controller, resistor, capacitor and rectifiers many other components related to the PCB repair training.

Throughout the PCB repair course you get equipped with the different components that are present in the PCB, where we try to give the total 100 percent practical in hand PCB repair training and troubleshoot the issues related to PCB. In this course we give you total practical exposure starting from the troubleshooting of PCB to total maintenance and repair and how to identify the issues that we come across in the PCB repairing.



Air Conditioning, Washing Machine and Refrigerator PCB repair Course:

  1. Theory and Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards
  2. Entire Overview of the Designing process
  3. Introduction to the Industrial Protocols and Design Specifics
  4. Getting Used to the PCB
  5. Brief introduction to Analog Electronics
  6. Basic introduction to Air Conditioner
  7. Functions of Air Conditioning Equipments
  8. Wiring
  9. Drawing of PCB
  10. Microcontroller
  11. Resistors
  12. Capacitors
  13. Inductors
  14. Rectifiers
  15. Transformer
  16. Battery
  17. AC & DC Power Supply
  18. Fuse
  19. Relays
  20. Switches
  21. Motors
  22. Circuit Breakers
  23. Diodes (Different types)
  24. Transistors
  25. ICs
  26. Sensors (Different types)
  27. Multimeter (For Voltage and Current Measurements)
  28. Buzzer
  29. LCD
  30. PCB Connection Tracks
  31. Troubleshooting the issues related to PCB



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