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Al Madina Mandi House Malakpet – All Details

Al Madina Mandi House Malakpet – All Details

Al madina Mandi House Malakpet

Al madina Mandi House Malakpet: A Culinary Delight in the Heart

Nestled in the lively streets of Malakpet, Hyderabad, lies an eatery that is a paradise for lovers of traditional Mandi food – Al Madina Mandi House. This popular restaurant has gained a loyal clientele, drawn by its delectable food warm and welcoming service, as well as affordable costs.

Walking into Al Madina Mandi House is like entering a world of fragrant spices and delicious tastes. The ambience is warm and rustic with the aroma of slow-cooked, succulent meats and rice emanating from the dining room. The welcoming staff dressed in traditional clothes, greetes guests with warmth and genuine hospitality, setting the scene for an unforgettable dining experience.

The famous dish of the restaurant, Mandi, is a culinary masterpiece that has won the attention of food lovers. It is a traditional Yemeni dish is made of tender chicken or lamb, marinated in a mixture of spices that are aromatic and slowly cooked until it is perfect in the sealed pot. The meat is served on an array of fluffy basmati rice, which is infused with the delicious flavors of the juices and spices. The smell alone will stimulate your senses and entice your appetite.

The menu at Al madina Mandi House Malakpet goes beyond its name dish, serving a wide variety of Arabian dishes. Enjoy hearty stews such as Machboos which is a delicious rice dish made with succulent meat and veggies, or enjoy the rich flavor of Biryani which is a rice-based dish that is seasoned with fragrant spices and succulent meats. For a lighter alternative take a look at the refreshing Salads that are bursting with fresh vegetables and drenched with delicious sauces that are tangy.

There is no way that a Yemeni dining experience is complete without tasting the traditional Yemeni desserts. The Al Madina Mandi house’s baklava is a symphony flavors and textures, with layers of phyllo pastry that are filled with chopped nuts and drizzled in honey. For a refreshing dessert try the delectable Kunafa, which is a crispy filled with cheese, that is soaked in sweet syrup.

The dining experience at Al madina Mandi House Malakpet is more than just a meal. it’s a truly cultural experience. The attentive staff of the restaurant will be happy to guide you through the menu and impart their expertise in the kitchen. They’ll suggest dishes that match your preferences and make sure you enjoy unforgettable dining experiences.

If you’re a seasoned foodie or just a curious newbie to Arabian cuisine, Al madina Mandi House Malakpet is a culinary paradise located in the heart of Malakpet. With its authentic flavours warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as affordable prices It’s no wonder this restaurant is an absolute favorite for those who want to experience the taste of Arabia.

Here are a few reasons you should go toAl madina Mandi House Malakpet:

  • Genuine Mandi food: Experience the rich flavors and aromas of Mandi cooking, made with authentic techniques and the finest ingredients.
  • Menus that are diverse: Indulge in a variety of Arabian delights that range from slow-cooked grilled meats to tasty stews, salads that are fresh and delicious desserts.
  • Warm and inviting ambience: Immerse yourself in the Arabian culture through traditional decor and traditional hospitality.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff: Receive expert recommendations and personal assistance from the restaurant’s welcoming staff.

If you’re looking for a dining adventure that takes you to the center of Arabia,Al madina Mandi House Malakpet is the ideal spot. Explore a world of tastes and uncover the hidden gems of Malakpet.

Al Madina Mandi House Malakpet


Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Phone Number: 086861 82656


Saturday 12:30pm–1am
Sunday 12:30pm–1am
Monday 12:30pm–1am
Tuesday 12:30pm–1am
Wednesday 12:30pm–1am
Thursday 12:30pm–1am
Friday 12:30pm–1am

Payment Option:  Cash/Card/UPI


Address: 372, NH65, Malakpet Gunj, MCH Colony, Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500036

Get Direction: Al-madina Mandi House

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