May 24, 2024
Nehru Zoological Park Photo Gallery

Nehru Zoological Park Photo Gallery

Nehru Zoological Park
Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park is also known as Zoo Park. It is a zoo that can be found near Mir Alam Tank, in Bahadurpura Telangana. It is one the most popular attractions in Hyderabad, with over 2 million visitors per year. The zoo has over 1,500 animals, representing over 200 species. These include lions and tigers, as well as elephants and leopards. Giraffes and rhinos are also present, along with zebras and zebras.


The Nehru Zoological Park opened its doors to the public in 1962. The zoo is named after Jawaharlal Nathu, India’s first Prime Minister. The zoo originally covered 200 acres but has now expanded to 380 acres.


Nehru Zoological Park attracts tourists of all ages. The zoo has a wide range of attractions.

  • Animal enclosures The Zoo has a wide variety of animal enclosures where visitors can get up close to the animals. The lion enclosure, the tiger enclosure and the elephant enclosure are some of the most popular enclosures.
  • Reptile House: This zoo reptile house contains a variety reptiles including snakes and crocodiles.
  • Nocturnal Animal House: This zoo has a nocturnal house that houses animals active at night such as bats and owls.
  • Children’s park: There are a number of rides and play equipment for children in the zoo’s children’s park.
  • Food and Beverage Outlets: Visitors can purchase food and beverages at the zoo.

Conservation efforts

Nehru Zoological Park belongs to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The zoo has a commitment to conservation of endangered species. The zoo is involved in many conservation breeding programs and has successfully bred several endangered species such as the Indian Rhinoceros, Snow Leopard, and Amur Tiger.


Nehru Zoological Park serves as an important research and education center. The zoo offers a wide range of educational programs to students and the general public. The zoo has a research centre that conducts research in animal behavior, conservation biology and wildlife management.

Visitor Tips

Here are some tips to help visitors enjoy Nehru Zoological Park.

  • The best time to visit a zoo would be in the morning or evening when the animals are at their most active.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as you’ll be walking a lot.
  • Bring a hat to protect you from the sun.
  • Keep hydrated by carrying water with you.
  • Respect the animals and their enclosures.
  • Don’t feed the animals
  • Do not litter.

Nehru Zoological Park offers a wonderful opportunity to learn and appreciate wildlife. The zoo is a great place to learn about and appreciate wildlife. It offers a wide range of attractions for all ages. If you’re ever in Hyderabad, I recommend that you visit Nehru Zoological Park.

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