Hyderabad is a developing city and has many developing suburbs some of which are advanced and some are still struggling with overall commercial and market development. Developed suburbs of Hyderabad include places like Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City, etc. Developing Suburbs include SanathNagar, FatehNagar, Balkampet, etc.

Balkampet is one of the developing areas of Hyderabad which is surrounded by the IT hubs and advancing areas. Balkampet is a commercial market and the best place in Hyderabad for Hardware Business. It attracts a lot of people who buy, sell and do deals worth thousands at best rates. The Hardware business of the area is growing and is involved in cement, paint, electricals and timber dealers. Most of the city’s hardware needs are fulfilled through the dealers of the Balkampet.

It has bus routes that connect different buses across the city making it easier for the commuters to visit the market. It has the Nature Cure Hospital which is renowned for its natural cure for various diseases and disorders. The Education sector at Balkampet is also increasing as there is the development of many schools and colleges in the area.

Balkampet is primarily known for the famous Yellamma temple which is visited by thousands of devotees every day from across the city. It is mostly visited during the Andhra – Telangana festival ‘Bonalu’. It has a typical South Indian Architecture.

Yellamma Temple was built during the 15th Century and houses the deity of Jala Durga. The devotees and the priests say that most of the wishes asked at Yellamma Temple get fulfilled making hundreds of people visit it every day.

The local shops at Balkampet sell groceries or are usually the fruit vendors. Recently there was the inauguration of the newly formed Link Road which connects another suburb of the city, Begumpet To Balkampet directly. A Lung Care hospital, a TB hospital, and a hospital for mental health care among the other hospitals located near the area.

Balkampet also houses many five stars and amazing hotels. Some of them are Marigold by Greenpark, Vivanta, Aditya Park and the Manohar Hyderabad making it easier for you to visit and explore the city.

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