Bansilalpet in Hyderabad is popular for its availability of graveyards and Cremation services. Let it be a Hindu cremation center or a Muslim or a Christian graveyard, it provides all cremation services. Located at Bhoiguda, Secunderabad, Bansilalpet witnesses dozens of burials and cremations on a daily basis.

It also houses four electrical crematoriums which were built almost 4 years ago by the Telangana Government but are in no use. The electrical crematoriums were made with the intention of encouraging people to use less wood and providing the option of eco-friendly cremations easily. But the crematoriums lay empty and abandoned as many residents prefer cremation through wood than the electrical ones. The wood sellers charge 5000 INR for the wood required to cremate one body and similar prices are charged for other burial services.

The government plans to set up more 8-10 electrical crematoriums across the city and make the process of cremation easier.

Some of the cremation centers and graveyards at bansilalpet are :

1) Bansilalpet Cremation Services

• Location: 15-21, Bansilalpet Rd, Old Ghasmandi, Bhoiguda, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003.

2) Cremation & Grave Yard

• Location: off, Gunrock Enclave Rd Number 12, Vahini Nagar, Karkhana, Secunderabad, Telangana 500009.

3) Bansi Lal Peta Cremation ground

• Location: 4-2-14, Rashtrapati Rd, Old Bhoiguda, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003.

Apart from cremation grounds, bansilalpet houses major orphanages/ girl’s homes and some of then are Auxillium Navajeevan Orphan Home, Anees-Ul-Gurba Orphanage, St. Anne’s Prem Nivas Society, Don Bosco Navajeevan, Chaithanya Mahila Mandali, and Rainbow Girls Home.

Education :

Bansilalpet has some of the renowned schools like St Mary’s Grammar School, St. James Grammar School, Cambridge High school, Rosy Buds High School, Little Flower High School and several junior colleges to its name.

If not popular for cremation grounds, Bansilalpet is primarily a residential locality with the routine commercial and Kirana stores.

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