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Chilkur Balaji Temple Hyderabad (Timings, Holidays, Opening & Closing Time, Route Map & Entry Ticket Fee)

Chilkur Balaji Temple Hyderabad (Timings, Holidays, Opening & Closing Time, Route Map & Entry Ticket Fee)

Chilkur Balaji Temple Hyderabad

The Beacon of Hope

Beyond its significance as a religious site Beyond its significance as a religious site, Chilkur Balaji Temple is more than just a place of worship. Chilkur Balaji Temple serves as an example of hope and encouragement for thousands of people. The tranquility of the temple, combined with the faith that is unwavering for its faithful and visitors, provides a sanctuary that is a place of relaxation and solace and provides comfort and strength in the midst of the challenges that life throws at us.

The Legacy of Devotion

It is believed that the Chilkur Balaji Temple stands as an example of the unending power of faith and dedication. Its impressive history, stunning architecture and the unwavering devotion of its faithful make it a revered place of pilgrimage and an inspiration for all who seek the God-given blessings that is Lord Balaji.

Hyderabad is one such city which has always been known for it’s rich cultural heritage. An amalgamation of its heritage and culture, it can be undoubtedly touted as one of the best tourist friendly cities in the country. Though it is primarily famous for Charminar, it also has many other hidden gems that draw tourists towards it.

One of such culturally rich, religious spot is Chilkur Balaji temple. Located in the village named Chilkuru or Chilkooru, this temple has been one of the major attractions of the city. Within a  radius of just 30 kilometers from the city, this is one location that has pleothra of travel options.

On the banks of Osman Sagar Lake, close to the Vikarabad road, this temple attracts hordes of devotees from all over the country.Very easy commute and travel friendly location makes it most preferred place for most of the people.

Religious significance

This temple dates back to almost half an millennium old times. It is a tale that once a man, a strong an devoted devotee of Lord Balaji, was unable to go on his pilgrimage to Tirupati due to health reasons and seeing his despair, Lord Balaji appeared in front of him at Chilkur.

Thus, from then, it is considered as the next best option to tirupati. Since then, this temple has gained quite a good following, and now the devotees turn up in tens of thousands every week. It is estimated that 75,000 to 1,00,000 devotees pay visit to the temple every year.


Very pleasant and divine surroundings, make you want to spend some more time in the temple. Highly educated priests who converse in english and telugu, are engrossed in chanting various devotional songs, and explaining the significance to the devotees.

Fun fact is that this temple has become equally famous for another major reason. Apart from other wishes , the lord here also grants wishes for VISA approval. Yes indeed. This has made people throng the temple in huge numbers.

Popularly known as VISA Balaji, it is said that people get their VISA problems sorted, once they take the divine blessings of the lord here.hey offer 11 “pradakshinas” and their prayers to the deity. Once the wish is granted, they take 108 pradakshinas of the temple to show their gratitude and thank the God.

Timings at Chilkur Balaji temple

The temple is open to all every day. The timings are 5 AM to 8PM. All days in a week. The temple opens its gates to the devotees in the wee hours of morning at 5 AM, and closes at 8 PM in the night. Though there are small hotels near the temple, you can find accomodation in Hrita Hotel by Telangana tourism.

Entrance fees in Chilkur Balaji temple

The entry fees is free. There is no entry fees.

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Chilkoor Balaji Temple

Chilkur Balaji Temple Address: Chanda Nagar Village, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501504, India

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