April 14, 2024

Gajularamaram, Hyderabad

Gajularamaram, Hyderabad
Gajularamaram is a village located at Hyderabad, Telangana. It is still a developing city and hence does not have any ‘to be underlined’ information to be written in it’s description.

It is famous for its Sri Chittaramma Devi temple. The annual Chitaramma festival or the festivities are famous in the telangana state and is awaited by many devotees. It is celebrated with great piety and grandeur at gajularamaram. Thousands of devotees gather at the temple to show their devotion at the state festival ‘Bonalu’ which is celebrated grandly.

The devotees take blessings from the deity and the festivities begin early, the people believe that the Godess Chittramma Devi will fulfill all their wishes and hence take parikrama around the temple. From VIPs to locals everyone take part in this annual festival and hence there is heavy security throughout the day.

The annual festival also known as the ‘Chittramma Jatara’ has lot of devotion and value involved for the people of telangana. The first Chittaramma jatara was commenced 35 years ago.

Hundreds of devotees visit the temple during various festivals especially during Sankranti and Bonalu. The joy on the faces of the devotees can be clearly visioned and gives the atmosphere a vibe of happiness.

The temple is dedicated to Godesss poor, Chitaramma Devi. This Jathara is celebrated in Pushya Masam as per traditional Telugu calendar.

Apart from this Gajularamaram has various hospitals and educational institutions for the localites. Gajularamaram is located by the Jedimetla which is a famous suburb in Hyderabad.

Gajularamaram is a must place to visit during the festivities and have glimpse of how State festivals of telangana are celebrated. I’m sure it will leave you in awe. The diverse culture of telangana is a great example of how people from different walks of life or background can co exist together and form such enchanting culture and traditions.
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