May 24, 2024
How to pay traffic challan in Hyderabad-2020 step by step process

How to pay traffic challan in Hyderabad-2020 step by step process

How to pay E-challan in Hyderabad-2020 step by step process

How to pay E-challan in Hyderabad-2020 step by step process

How to pay E-challan in Hyderabad-2020 step by step process is basically a type of official form or a citation which is issued by the government. It is used to pay or credit money in one’s bank as a receipt. E Challans were introduced by the government recently and are nothing but the electronic format of the challan.

It is introduced in the prime metro cities, Hyderabad being one amongst them. One main example of a challan can be the traffic ticket issued by the traffic police for a violation of rules and regulations. The mode of payment is usually written on the challan and the most common ways of paying a challan is through cash at e-seva center or through online by digital platforms like paytm.

Apart from these the government has also established websites where one can check if their vehicles has any traffic rule violations or offences. The website will show a description, fine, details etc. Here are the few modes that How To Check E Challan And “How to pay E-challan in Hyderabad-2020 step by step process”

• How do you check E challan? •

~ Note : E Challan can be checked or accessed through the official website of traffic police- only.

Step 1 : Click here for the homepage of traffic police e-challan portal

Step 2 :It is simple and presents two options on your screen. One for the license number and another for vehicle registration number. You can chose any one.

Step 3 : Chose one and enter the number required (of your license or vehicle registration number)

Step 4 : Enter captcha and Click on “GO”.

And you will see if your vehicle has any challans or if there any pending challans or the status of your challan.

Below you also have the payment option modes and you can pay your challan right away by chosing any one mode of payment.

• Now how do you pay E challan? •

It is very simple and can be continued from where you checked your status.

~ Note : The access and payment to your E Challan is only through the integrated official wesbite of the Traffic Police. No other website will provide you the facility of authentic payment. If anyone does, know it’s fraud.

Step 1 : After you click on “Pay”, you will be redirected to the payment option. Where three modes of online payment are mentioned. You can chose according to your convenience. The three modes of payment are :

• Net Banking

• AP Online

• E sevaonline –

~ Note : The option of esevaonline still has to be updated.

Step 2 : Chose any one and the page asks you for the ‘login’ and ‘password’ as a user. If you are already registered with the wesbite, you can login and if you’re not you can register yourself. Registration will also help you in future payments of Challans.

Step 3 : The list of banks will be displayed. You can chose any one bank according to your convenience. You have the option of paying through credit card too after choosing the bank.

Step 4 : Chose the payment mode “netbanking” or “Credit Card”. Login and confirm the ‘payment’ as you receive the OTP regarding confirmation of payment to traffic police from your bank.

Step 5 : Confirm and lo! The payment is done. The receipt is displayed. You can note down the details of payment or take a picture or screen shot it in case of future use.

Sounds easier, doesn’t it? Now paying challans is just a click away.

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