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Mandi King- Best Mandi Restaurant at Viswash Nagar, Mehdipatnam.

Mandi King- Best Mandi Restaurant at Viswash Nagar, Mehdipatnam.

Mandi King Mehdipatnam

Mandi King Mehdipatnam : Viswash Nagar Mehdipatnam’s Premier Mandi Restaurant

Mandi King restaurant, Viswash Nagar, Mehdipatnam Hyderabad. The restaurant is famous for serving authentic Mandi dishes prepared using high-quality ingredients and processed using modern machinery. – Mandi King in Viswash Nagar Mehdipatnam Hyderabad

Mandi King offers a warm and welcoming ambience, decorated with traditional Arabic artwork. The air fills with the aromas of spices and freshly prepared meat dishes, providing the perfect atmosphere to share an enjoyable meal with family and friends. Plus, their spacious seating area makes Mandi King an excellent place to gather.

Mandi King boasts an extensive menu of Mandi dishes, from Chicken Mandi to Mutton Mandi and Fish/Vegetable Mandis – each available in multiple sizes from small to large portions.

Mandi King Mehdipatnam offers customers an extremely popular dishes.

Chicken Mandi: Mandi King Mehdipatnam this specialty meal consists of marinated whole chicken that has been cooked with spices until perfectly tender before being combined with rice prepared using both chicken broth and spices – served along with various sides such as raita, salad and chutney for complete satisfaction.

Mutton Mandi:  Mandi King offers another popular customer choice – their Mutton Mandi dish features marinated lamb roasted to perfection with rice cooked in lamb broth and spices, alongside various sides such as raita, salad and chutney.

Fish Mandi: at Mandi King Mehdipatnam is an amazing treat for seafood enthusiasts. This mouthwatering dish consists of whole fish marinated with an exquisite blend of spices before being grilled perfectly to serve with rice cooked in fish broth and more exotic flavors, plus sides such as raita, salad and chutney for completeness.

 Vegetable Mandi: Mandi King offers the Vegetable Mandi as a delicious option for vegetarians, featuring a selection of vegetables prepared in an aromatic blend of spices before being combined with rice and served along with side items like raita, salad and chutney.Mandi King Restaurant Offers Delicious Vegetable Mandi

Mandi King offers more than just Mandi dishes; in addition to their signature Mandi dishes they offer traditional Arabic cuisine such as Biryani, Kebabs, Tandoori Chicken and an array of traditional Arabic desserts like Gulab Jamun Rasmalai Kheer.

Service: at Mandi King Mehdipatnam is unparalleled, from their friendly and attentive staff, who will gladly assist in choosing your dish, all the way through home delivery services and more!

Mandi King Mehdipatnam offers reasonable pricing that reflects their high-quality food and service.Mandi King is an ideal destination to experience authentic Mandi dishes. The restaurant features an inviting and comfortable ambience, delicious food and excellent service – not to mention reasonable prices! I strongly suggest Mandi King as one of Hyderabad’s finest Mandi restaurants.

If this is your first visit to Mandi King Mehdipatnam, be sure to try their signature Chicken Mandi dish; it is absolutely delectable!
At this restaurant, they also serve up various Mandi dishes including Mutton Mandi, Fish Mandi and Vegetable Mandi for those seeking something different. If you want a change, I recommend trying one of these options!
At Mandi Restaurant, they also serve up other Arabic specialities like Biryani, Kebabs and Tandoori Chicken for when you want something other than Mandi. I suggest giving one of these dishes a try for an alternate taste experience!
Home delivery service from this restaurant allows customers to enjoy their meals comfortably in their own homes.

Mandi King

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Phone Number: 063002 67896

Website: mandiking.business.site


Monday: 12:30pm–3am
Tuesday: 12:30pm–3am
Wednesday: 12:30pm–3am
Thursday: 12:30pm–3am
Friday: 12:30pm–3am
Saturday: 12:30pm–3am
Sunday: 12:30pm–3am

Payment Option : Cash/Card/UPI

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Address: 12-2-460/20, Gudi Malkapur Rd, opp. More Super Market, Viswash Nagar, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana 500028

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