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Mataam Al Jazirah Mandi – Best Mandi Restaurant at Ameerpet, Metro Pillar No. A1072

Mataam Al Jazirah Mandi – Best Mandi Restaurant at Ameerpet, Metro Pillar No. A1072

Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet

Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet: A Taste of Arabian Culinary Delights

Nestled in the lively streets of Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet is an example of Arabian cuisine. This heavenly place of aromas and flavors invites you on a an epic culinary journey through the center of the Middle East, where traditional dishes and authentic spices are the kings of the table.

When you walk through the door you are surrounded by an inviting and warm ambiance that evokes a traditional Arabian courtyard. The interior is simple and elegant and elegant, and is adorned with exquisite Arabic calligraphy decorating the walls, as well as soft, ambient lighting that creates a warm glow. The fragrant scent of fresh baked bread and simmering spice mixes with the scent of the air, inducing you to eat more of the culinary delights waiting for you.

The menu at Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet is an symphony of traditional Arabian cuisine, offering diverse dishes that are sure to please any preference. Their signature Mandi slow-cooked chicken or lamb dish that is infused with fragrant spices, is a must for anyone who is a foodie. The succulent meat that is marinated to perfection breaks apart when you touch it and releases a flurry of flavor that will stay on your palate long after you’ve finished your meal.

Beyond Mandi The menu of the restaurant is an amazing treasure storehouse of Arabian culinary treasures. Take in the savory flavor of Machboos which is a delicious rice dish that is layered with tender chicken or lamb vegetables, as well as aromatic spices. You can also enjoy the delicious flavor of grilled meats carefully prepared to preserve their natural juices, and then infused with the flavor of the traditional Arabian spices.

To taste the Levant Try the delicious Shawarma thinly cut meat cooked on a spit that is vertical and served warm pita bread accompanied by a variety of fresh veggies and spicy sauces. You can also opt for Falafel, which is a deep-fried chickpea patty which is a delicious vegetarian dish that is delicious and delicious.

There is no way that an Arabian meal is complete without tasting their delicious and sweet desserts. Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet’s Baklava is a work of pastry excellence, featuring layers of phyllo dough stuffed with chopped nuts and drizzled in honey. For a refreshing dessert try their Basbousa Semolina Cake, a semolina-based cake that is soaked in a delicious syrup and their Um Ali, a delicious and delicious bread pudding, infused by rose water and fragrant spices.

Food at Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet is an experience that is a full of culture. The friendly staff attired in traditional Arabian attire will be happy to provide you with a menu, and to share their culinary knowledge. They’ll recommend dishes that fit your preferences and make sure you enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.

No matter if you’re an experienced foodie or are a newbie to Arabian cuisine, Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet is a culinary paradise in the middle of Hyderabad. With its authentic flavours and warm, welcoming lively atmosphere, it’s no surprise that this restaurant has become an absolute favorite for those who want to experience the taste of Arabia.

Mataam Al Jazirah Ameerpet

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Phone Number: 097015 79656


Monday 12:30pm–12am
Tuesday 12:30pm–12am
Wednesday 12:30pm–12am
Thursday 12:30pm–12am
Friday 12:30pm–12am
Saturday 12:30pm–12am
Sunday 12:30pm–12am

Payment Option:  Cash/Card/UPI

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Address: Ameerpet Road, Metro Pillar No. A1072, 1st Floor, beside Ramraj Cotton, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038

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