May 30, 2024
Most Popular Jobs In Hyderabad

Most Popular Jobs In Hyderabad

Most Popular Jobs In Hyderabad

I won’t give you false hopes or brag about of huge availability of jobs or about how easy it is to get a degree and land up in your dream job with hard work. If you do, then know you’re lucky. Apart from the everyday Engineering, Lawyer and Doctor jobs let me list out some popular jobs in Hyderabad which you can ponder on.

List Of Popular Jobs in Hyderabad.

1) In the IT sector :

IT is no doubt the most demanding sector of this decade. Hyderabad is also one of the IT hubs of India apart from Delhi, Banglore and MumbaiHiring almost lakhs of Engineers and IT professionals, this sector tops the list of most popular jobs. Information technology is rapidly advancing and individuals with some amazing experience in IT conquer the world of employment. Companies like Infosys, Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Genpact, etc demand and offer the highest position with the highest salaries to IT professionals. Skills and Personality development with immense knowledge of Information technology can lead you to the seat of some best jobs in the world, leave alone Hyderabad. Therefore even in the future, the IT sector will take charge of over 80% of the requirements of the job and stay on the list of most profiting yet popular jobs in Hyderabad.

 IT sector


2) App development :

This field is newly introduced with increasing technology. App development is considered as one of the most demanded jobs in this decade. With every company introducing its own apps, app development jobs are popular and highly paid. The App development course can help you work and enhance your experience as an App developer. If you’re interested in technology, then this might be the best option for you apart from working as an IT professional.

App development


3) Digital Marketing

With the advent of social media and various apps that are downloaded and followed by millions of people, Digital marketing makes it to the list of some popular jobs successfully. Digital marketing nothing but marketing/advertising of products or goods through the internet and social media or through other digital platforms. Digital marketing has become more prevalent during the 2010’s and Digital Marketing professionals are in higher demand now. It also extends to non-internet channels such as television, mobile phones, etc..

Digital Marketing


4) Graphic Design

Graphic Designing is also considered as one of the required modern-day jobs in the field of IT sector again. Many reputed companies invite applications for graphic designers. Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through visual representation or typography or through photography and illustration. Graphic design can help in selling a product or idea. It can be applied to the company’s logos, colors, and packaging. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? You can also do a short course in graphic designing and enter a world with a content heart.


Graphic Design

5) Video editing/ Animators

With platforms like YouTube and Instagram (IGTV) on the peak of success, jobs like video editors and animators are very much in demand. Video editing is the manipulation and desired arrangement of Video shots. It is used to present the video in a desired and structured form. Even though there are apps for video editing, Professional video editors with good experience are high in demand and highly paid. Animators are people who create multiple images giving an illusion of movement called animation. Many fields like Films, Media channels, Television demand professional animators with the advancing technology.

Video editing- Animators


6) Content Creator

As the use of social media increases worldwide. Demand for better content creation has only increased over the years. Content creation is conveying the content to the audience in an easier medium such as Writing, Photos, Speech or Videos. It is one of the most popular jobs in the online world which is only to increase in demand by the years.

Content Creator


7) Financial Advisors :

The world is heading in a direction where financial guidance is lost and the young generations is entering the world in dilemmas. Financial advisors are people who advise people and provide financial services to people based on their financial situations. The degree or a course in this field along with some good experience can help you land up in one of the highest-paid positions in reputed companies.


Financial Advisors

8) In The Health Sector :

Coming to health care, the jobs which are in demand include Nutritionists, Pyscho Therapists, Researchers in the fields of Drug resistance, Oncology, etc.. Health care professionals also include Hospital administrators, Hospital managers, Pathologists, Lab technicians, and radiologists.

Apart from these Architects, Interior Designers, Content Writers, Photographers, Bloggers are some of the modern-day jobs you can opt for.

Health Sector


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