May 30, 2024
Srisailam Dam History, Entry Timing, Famous Place Srisailam, AP

Srisailam Dam History, Entry Timing, Famous Place Srisailam, AP

Srisailam Dam

Srisailam is reputed to be one of the most ancient place in India. It is on the right side of the River Krishna in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. Srisailam dam has been developed as a major tourist destination in the past few years. People from all parts of the world come to this rejuvenation center in South India, to cleanse their souls and restore their energies for a new beginning of life.

Srisailam Dam has a lot more to offer than just rejuvenation. The place is an experience in itself. The scenic beauty and serene environment of the place help you to forget the hustle-bustle of daily life and connect with yourself in an effective way. Such is the magic and positivity of the place that you automatically tend to look at life with an entirely new vision.

Sri Sailam is a must-visit place for one and all. Srisailam, one of the most ancient and sacred places in South India, is situated in the thick forests of the Nallamalai hills in the Nandikotkur taluk of the Kurnool district. Srisailam is one of the twelve Jyothirlingams. The shrine is located in Kurnool district. Srisailam finds reference in ancient Hindu Puranas, and the epic Mahabharata.

Losing connect with one’s self is the basic problem arising from the modern-day busy lifestyles. Rejuvenating one’s self on a regular basis is the need of the hour. The idea is to restore the energies and channelise them in the right direction. But correct rejuvenation is an important part of the process. For all the people who are looking for a positive rejuvenation in their lives, Srisailam dam is the right place to be.

If you are planning such a rejuvenating journey to Srisailam always remember to reach srisailam you need to cross about 50 kilometer of the famous Nallamalli forest if you are coming towards Hyderabad. So, therefore the forest gates will be closed in night time from 08:00 PM to morning 06:00 AM. Hence plan your journey to srisailam dam accordingly.

Srisailam is well connected by roads from all major cities like Hyderabad (220 km), Vijayawada (230 km), Kurnool, (175 km). The nearest railway station is Markapur, well connected with trains. From Markapur we have to take a road journey via Dornala.

Address: Srisailam, Mahbubnagar-509326, Telangana
Dam Phone Number: 8524288883
Srisailam Entry Timing: 06:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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