July 23, 2024
11 Best Companies To Work With In Hyderabad – All Details

11 Best Companies To Work With In Hyderabad – All Details

Best Companies To Work With In Hyderabad

Best Companies To Work With In Hyderabad

Being one of the most populated and rapidly developing cities, Hyderabad is home to some amazing global companies where working is still a dream for many of us. Many of the famous companies located in Hyderabad are globally renowned and considered as the ‘best’ ones you will ever work with. Once you land up in any of these and your resume mentions their name, you can work and get amazing jobs in any part of the world at great positions.

Some of these companies are :

1) Google

Location: Kondapur

This is the corporate office of the top search engine “Google” at Hyderabad which provides excellent facilities to the employees who work for them. The office is well furnished and has a hygienic yet amazing canteen. The office is spacious and the employees are very well disciplined. Working at Google is still a dream of many. Personally, my friends work here and its interview is a tough nut to crack. But this should definitely be your must-try.



2) Amazon

Location: Gachibowli

The corporate office of the e-commerce giant is located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The office is huge and spacious. With disciplined office, renowned success and with a once in a lifetime opportunity like a job, missing out on Amazon would be a mistake. It has job openings for the Marketing Sector, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and App developers.



3) Microsoft India

Location: Gachibowli

With over 8000 employees all over India, Internet Tech giant is located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The company is renowned for its Internet services worldwide and also is the reason Bill Gates has been named the richest man in the world until 2017 for many years. The company does not need any introduction or reviews. The greatness lies in its name. A must-try for all the job seekers especially to begin their careers with Microsoft is a great step.



4) Infosys

Location: Gachibowli, Secunderabad.

Infosys was founded by Narayan Murthy in 1981. It is one of the best IT companies in the country and has over 2 lakh employees in 50+ cities worldwide. It provides a lot of benefits.



5) Deloitte

Location: Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City and Madhapur.

Considered as one of the best accounting companies, it hires over 2 Lakh employees worldwide in various cities. They hire App developers, Software Engineers and Jobs In Marketing/ Accounting sector. It is one of the best companies to work with or start your career with. Definitely deserving to be your topmost preferred companies.



6) Cognizant

Location: Gachibowli

A US registered technology solutions company in 1994, Cognizant has over 2.5 lakh employees worldwide and is popularly known as CTS. They also provide various Health and Leave benefits.



7) Wipro

Location: Gachibowli and Begumpet.

I don’t think Wipro needs an introduction. Still, let me tell you that Wipro was founded by Azim Premji who was considered as one of the richest men of India. They are also considered as one of the best IT companies India has ever produced.



8) Tech Mahindra

Location: Madhapur and Secunderabad.

Amongst the Top-rated IT companies of India, it hires more than 1 lakh employees throughout the country. They provide various Health benefits, Paid leaves and Insurance options.

Tech Mahindra


9) Genpact

Location: Gachibowli

Genpact is an Independent General Electric company that has its headquarters in London, NewYork and across many cities in India. Genpact has clients from across the countries and provides benefits like Paternity Leave, Health benefits, and Transportation. As a selected employee from Genpact, It was a hard interview to crack for me yet it will be easier if you stay confident.


10) Capgemini

Location: Nanakram Guda

Having its headquarters in France, there’s no chance you might want to miss your chance at working in this renowned company. They have a huge impact in India and also provide their employees with various health and insurance benefits.


11) Novartis

Location: Hi-Tech City

A famous and renewed pharmaceutical company, Novartis is the best option for science graduates and can begin your career with a bang. Focussing on the welfare of its patients and with well-disciplined employees, it can be your perfect place to work.



Accenture, Paraxel, Dr, Reddy’s laboratories are other amazing workplaces and companies in Hyderabad which can kick start your career with goodness.

Good luck!

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