July 23, 2024
12 Historical Mosques in Hyderabad you should visit atleast once.

12 Historical Mosques in Hyderabad you should visit atleast once.

Historical Mosques in Hyderabad

Historical Mosques in Hyderabad

I’m a hardcore Hyderabadi yet Hyderabad never fails to amaze me with its never-ending splendor. The history it holds, the heritage it has been preserving, the amazing food culture and the age-old traditions are one of a kind. Apart from being an enchanted city of pearls and food, Hyderabad has some beautiful historical mosques which will steal your heart


Some of them are :

1) Charminar Masjid :

Location: Charminar

Charminar Masjid is situated inside the beautiful landmark of Hyderabad ‘Charminar’ itself. Being surrounded by four minarets whose height reaches to 66ft each, Charminar masjid was built by Quli Qutub Shah. Made up of granite, limestone, mortar and pulverized marble the masjid stands with two galleries and 149 steps toward the upper floor. The main gallery consists of 45 covered prayer spaces with a large open space in front.

Mecca Masjid





2) Mecca Masjid :

Location: Old city

Mecca masjid is one of the largest mosques in India. It was built by Quli Qutub Shah and is considered to be very rich in architectural heritage. Mecca masjid not only witnesses religious practices but also welcomes hundreds of tourists on a daily basis irrespective of their religion and culture. Mecca masjid is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic culture (Unity in diversity) representing the real image of India. It is named as ‘ Mecca’ masjid as the soil from which it was made was brought from the holiest site of Islam, Mecca. Thronged by thousands of worshippers and tourists each day, Mecca Masjid can hold up to 20,000 people in its premises making it one of the largest mosques in India.

Mecca Masjid


3) Masjid e Azizia :

Location: Mehdipatnam


Masjid e Azizia is one of those mosques which is not only popular in Hyderabad for regular prayers but also for organizing lectures on skill development, current affairs, Health, and education. It also provides first aid to the people who need medical emergencies and to the poor. It helps to educate the youth on job offers and in their personality development for the same. Masjid eAzizia also offers a wide range of interest-free loans to the needy and widowed making it popular amongst people.

Masjid e Azizia



4) Spanish Mosque

Location: Begumpet

The masjid was built between 1900-1902 by Iqbal Ud Daula and Nawab Mohammad Fazaluddin khan. The Spanish mosque also is known as ‘Masjid Iqbal Ud Daula’ was built when the Nawab returned from Spain and was left inspired by the Mosque of cordoba. The mosque has interiors and exteriors similar to that Mosque of Cordoba making it one of its kind in India. The masjid is also popular by the name “Masjid of Moors” due to its Spanish (Hispanic) architecture.

Spanish Mosque



5) Toli Masjid 

Location: Karwan, Hyderabad.

Also known as Damri Masjid, it is a declared heritage site by archaeological survey of India. It was built by Mir Musa Khan Mahaldar during 1082 AH. It represents the Indo-Islamic culture and the Qutub Shahi architecture. This masjid was built by the same architect who built Mecca Masjid.

Toli Masjid



6) Jama Masjid

Location: Secunderabad.

This masjid is said to be the oldest masjid of Hyderabad. Located at Secunderabad, it is one of the most visited tourist places in Hyderabad. It was also built by Quli Qutub Shah in 1597. Being the oldest mosque, it also represents the Qutub Shahi and Indo-Islamic style of architecture.

Jama Masjid

7) Masjid e Akhtarunnisa

Location: Ameerpet

Also known as the ‘Ameerpet mosque’, Masjid e Akhtarunnisa is a very old and popular mosque built by the Nawab family. The mosque also represents the Indo-Islamic culture and is a perfect example of unity when it comes to organizing large iftaars during Ramadan or welcoming hundreds of tourists. It is not only the worshipper’s paradise but also an economical and commercial site filled with opportunities for Hyderabad and it’s youth.

Masjid e Akhtarunnisa


8) Jama Masjid

Location: Musheerabad.

Also known as Musheerabad Masjid or the Jama masjid of Musheerabad located in the populated locality of Hyderabad, this masjid was built by Ibrahim Quli Qutub shah between 1580-1611 CE. The amazing Qutub Shahi architecture was reconstructed in 1951 yet now lies in dire need of renovation state. This masjid still holds prayers regularly for the worshippers and is able to accommodate hundreds of namazis on a daily basis.

Jama Masjid

9) Khairtabad Mosque 

Location: Khairtabad

Located in a busy and populated locality of Hyderabad, the Khairtabad mosque was built in 1626 AD by Khairunnisa begum. The mosque is well built and was constructed by the son in law of Khairunnisa begum, Hussain Shah Wali. It has two minarets and lies in between the Business hub of Hyderabad.

Khairtabad Mosque 



10) Mian Mishk Masjid

Location : Purana pul, Hyderabad.

Located in the old yet densely populated locality, Mian Mishk Masjid was built by Abdullah Qutub Shah. It also represents it awestrucking Qutub Shahi architecture and Indo-Islamic culture. It is a very old mosque built during the 17th century and is declared as a heritage site of Hyderabad.

Mian Mishk Masjid

11) Ek Minar Masjid :

Location: Nampally

This masjid holds a lot of historical importance as it was built by Allahudin Bahmani in 1445 and the minaret was built in 1472. As its name suggests, it has only one minaret which consists of two projecting galleries. The masjid perfectly represents the Bahmani style of architecture mixed with the Persian style of architecture. Apart from holding rich architectural heritage it is also is one of the oldest mosques in Hyderabad.

Ek Minar Masjid


12) Bag e Aam, Shahi Masjid

Location: Nampally, Hyderabad.

The Bag e Aam is a historical park built-in 1846 by Nizam of Hyderabad. It is popularly known as Public Gardens. The Telangana Legislative Assembly is located here and is a perfect visit for tourists. The Shahi Masjid is located inside the Bag e Aam. Also built during the Nizam rule with an appreciated style of Nizam Architecture, the masjid holds a lot of historical importance.

Bag e Aam, Shahi Masjid

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