June 21, 2024
15 Unforgettable Dialogues from Angrez Movie

15 Unforgettable Dialogues from Angrez Movie

Revolving around two gangs living in Hyderabad and a set of NRIs who have just returned from New Jersey, US to work at their friend’s IT company. The NRIs – Rochak and Pranay have been planning to resettle in Hyderabad have a heated argument with Ismail bhai’s gang.

Ismail Bhai’s gang consists of 5 locals who live, eat and spend all their time at Old City / Charminar. Ismail Bhai is the leader of this so-called gang which also has some interesting characters like Saleem Pheku, Jahangir, Chaush, and Gafoor.

Dialogues from Angrez movie


Saleem Pheku (Pheku = liar in Hyderabadi) is a habituated liar and a boaster whose lies are famous within their local area. Jahangir is a self-proclaimed gangster who also lies about his bravery stories. Spending their time by gossiping, boasting and roaming around the city, Ismail Bhai’s gang has a fierce encounter with the Angrez (NRIs).

The NRIs begin clicking random photos which also includes Ismail Bhai, turning it into a big argument ending with Ismail Bhai getting punched. Then starts the whole movie which revolves around Ismail bhai’s determination towards taking revenge from the Angrez and searching for them all around the city. Saleem Pheku finds their office and enters it with a plan to beat the NRIs up which eventually fails.

The servant who was responsible for taking care of the Angrez ends up getting greedy and hatching a plan to kidnap them up. He takes the help of Anna and his gang. Anna is a gangster too. While Anna and Ismail Bhai both are in dire search of the NRIs they end up beating each other.

The climax revolves around the confusion of chasing The Angrez. Yet all of them fail, the police arrests both the gangs and imprisons them. In the end, Ismail Bhai and his gang is seen returning to their everyday routine in Hyderabad and Anna giving up on his bad habits/intentions.

Filled with several moments of laughter and perfect representation of Hyderabadi, this movie is a definate favorite of every Hyderabadi.

The movie depicts the routine of the locals living near the Old City in a perfect way. This movie is a complete stress buster and must recommended.

Although translating some famous dialogues from ‘The Angrez’ would lose their beauty and splendor, understanding then shouldn’t be a hard task. I will mention some of these famous unforgettable dialogues here :


1) “Pacchees saal se charminar pe baitawa hun, meri bhi kuch izzat hai yaaro / Pachees saal se charminar pe baitawa hun, meku koi bhi haath nai lagate re, wo angreza meku haath lagate re”.

-Ismail Bhai

2) “Kya Khushboo aari miya? “

“Hao, poison daal liya!”

“areh tumloga cheap category, local basti ke logo poison bole toh scent ku bolte, bahar milta! “

– Saleem Pheku


3) “Abah! Kundhal kundhal ke maare Ismail bhai ku? “

– random guy at the bakery who overhears Ismail bhai’s frustation after getting beaten up from Angrez.


4) “Tumloga mera naam chindichor kaama karke baigan main milaa diye”.

-Ismail bhai when in a fit of rage.


5) “Pura phir ke aaye ustaadh, wo mote mote galliyan, wo baarik baarik galliyan, wo chaude chaude galliyan sob phir ke aaye ustaadh”

– Chaush calming Ismail bhai’s anger

This dialogue clearly describes the local area of old city and Hyderabad perfectly.


6) “Kahn hai re Angrez, kya samjhe re tumloga Hyderabadiyo ku, phod ke rakh dete!”

-Saleem Pheku on his way to find the two NRIs


7) “Tumloga baigan main milaa diye re meri izzat ku, tumloga chindiyaaa kardiye re meri haalat ku, kirkiri”

-Ismail Bhai in anger


8) “Yeh hamare Ismail bhai hai, koi bhi kaam hai Charminar pe toh khaali boldena aap”

-Saleem Pheku introducing Ismail bhai to Anna.


9) ” Kya samajre re tumloga, andar phasliyan chada ke aaraou”

– Ismail Bhai boasting about his bravery after getting beaten up by his wife.


10) “Terku nai malum Hyderabad main 10 minute bole toh 40 minute hote! Kidr hai miya tu”.

-Saleem Pheku defining Hyderabadis and their procrastination in a sentence.


11) “Tumhaare baap ka Naukar hun re main? “

-Jahangir showing off his anger


12) ” Tu mechanic hai pyjama hai”

-The most typical iconic dialogue by Saleem Pheku


13) “Zindagi ku yahn pe chunna kattha lagadiye meri. Samajre naa! “

-Jahangir after returning to his daily routine and getting beaten up by police


14) “Party kahn chalri bole toh Blanket hall main bola”

“Konse hall main? “

“Blanket hall re bhaii”

-Saleem Pheku boasting himself with some imperfect english and lies.


15) ” Kya toh bhi hai maamla samaj main nai aara meku, pure Hyderabad main usku koi aur cheez nai milri photo lene. Meku toh bhot badi planning dikhri Ismail bhai. Uney tumhaari photo album banana chahra “Bhikaari Man ” bolke”

-Saleem Pheku in the sequel.


Isn’t Hyderabadi an amazing yet interesting language?

Hyderabadi main baat karne ka alag ich mazaa hai yaaro jo siwai hum Hyderabadiyo ke kisi ku samaj main nai aata.

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