July 23, 2024

About A C Guards

A.C. Guards, short for “African Cavalry Guards,” is a locality in Hyderabad, India. It is located in the southern part of the city and falls under the Hyderabad district of the Indian state of Telangana. A.C. Guards is known for its central location and its proximity to various important areas in Hyderabad.

The area might have derived its name from its historical association with the Nizam’s Air Force, back when Hyderabad was ruled by the Nizams. Over time, the name might have been shortened to “A.C. Guards.”

Hyderabad is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage, and different localities often have their own unique significance and history. A.C. Guards, like many other neighborhoods in Hyderabad, has likely developed over the years to become a residential and commercial area, offering various amenities and services to its residents and visitors.


1 . Learners Academy School For Children

Learners Academy began operations in 2003. The institution’s main goal is to give students a global education and discipline. It has quickly established itself as one of the most reputable schools, offering top-notch instruction from Deeni Taleem.

Learners Academy is the top minority-serving institution that offers a full range of educational options so that students can study, comprehend, and pursue academic greatness.

They are taught self-discipline, moral principles, a variety of skills, and other things that equip them to meet life’s problems with commitment and confidence. The school will make an effort to provide our students with the best deen and duniya.

Address: Awabs Residence, AC Guards Rd, AC Guards, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500057
Website: Learners Academy
Phone Number: 7416471035, 040 23348540
Mailto: Learnersacademy@hotmail.com
Location: Learners Academy School For Children AC Guard

2. Moulana Azad Memorial High School

The government-affiliated Moulana Azad Memorial High School offers its students the highest caliber of education. This school is proud of the holistic and cutting-edge teaching strategies that have allowed them to raise the bar in education.

The center has a rigorous curriculum that is centered on the play-based learning approach. Children of various ages can attend this school and receive an education.

Children can participate in a variety of additional activities to broaden their skill set. This center is located next to Masab Tank’s Behind Mahveer Hospital in a populated Hyderabad area. It is without a doubt among the top schools in Masab Tank, Hyderabad.

Address: 10-1-1191-92, A.C GUARDS Masab Tank, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
Website: mamhschool
Phone Number: 040 2339 3604, +91-9885634158
Mailto: info@mamhschool.in
Location: Moulana Azad Memorial High School, A.C GUARDS



The Bhawan Mahavir Medical Research Center was founded by the Trust in 1983 in addition to the areas of healthcare and education. The World Bank, WHO, and DFID of the UK are just a few of the organizations that have recognized the Center. Genetics and immunology are two fields of study. The center has been approved by Osmania University and the University of Hyderabad to award PhDs for work done there.

So far, 30 candidates have graduated with doctorates. Over 40 research projects have already been finished, and others are currently under way. To determine the effectiveness of numerous treatments manufactured by reputable international pharmaceutical companies, more than 50 clinical trials were conducted.

The Hyderabad-based hospital started out small in 1978 with just 80 beds. It has expanded into a 220 bed multi-specialty facility delivering unequaled amenities at incredibly low prices. To satisfy the needs of those who are less fortunate financially, 25% of the beds in the general ward are free of accommodations and service changes.

Mahavir Hospital offers patients the best care in Telangana for Kidney Transplant Surgery, Haemodialysis packages, Angiogram, Angioplasty, and Open Heart Surgery thanks to its cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge diagnostic tools.The highest importance has been placed on teaching and education. The National Board of General Medicine, Gynecology, Paediatrics, ENT Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology recognizes the postgraduate courses in general medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology, and pulmonology.

The Research Center, which focuses specifically on genetics, allergy/immunology, and infertility, is acknowledged by numerous national and international agencies. Reputable universities like Osmania University and the University of Hyderabad have approved the Center to confer Ph.D. degrees on research scientists. It now bears the title of Center of Excellence thanks to the Government of India’s Department of Science & Technology.

Address: 10-1-1, Utkoor – Mogdumpur Rd, AC Guards, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
Website: Mahavir Hospital
Phone Number: +91 040 2349 7300, +91 040 2349 7397, +91 040 2349 7399, +91 040 2349 7411
Mailto: info@themahavirhospital.in
Timings: Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours
Location: Mahavir Hospital, A.C GUARDS

Hotels & Restaurants

1. Chicha’s Restaurant

Introducing a unique Hyderabadi eatery! Chicha’s serves you authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, including the mouthwatering “Hyderabadi Biryani,” which is known as The King Of Hyderabadi Food.

Over a cup of coffee, Fauzan and Qutub put forth their initial thoughts and attempts. They both struck a chord, and Chicha’s was created.

Our shared love of delicious food is one thing.

We made the choice to introduce the tastes of the old city to the new city because the latter was in need of them. We have firsthand knowledge of how challenging it is to enjoy such delectable meals without forfeiting time, experiencing traffic, or compromising cleanliness.

Although street food is quite alluring, most of us avoid it because of its unsanitary conditions. At Chicha’s, we don’t skimp on cleanliness and make sure to provide you street cuisine made with the highest-quality ingredients in a clean setting. Giving you the best possible service is our main focus.

In Hyderabad, there aren’t many options for late-night dining, we also observed. Chicha’s is so available to satisfy your late-night appetite. We are introducing the “In Car Service” to Hyderabad for the first time.

Service options: Dine-in · Drive-through · No-contact delivery
Address: 6, Awabs Residence, AC Guards Rd, opposite Kun Hyundai, Veer Nagar, Chintal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
Website: Chicha’s Restaurant
Phone Number: 099599 11100
Timings: Mon-Sun: 12:30 pm–12:30 am
Order: swiggy.com
Location: Chicha’s Restaurant, A.C Guard
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

2. Arabella House Of Arabic & Lebanese Cuisine

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
Address: AC Guards Rd, P & T Officers Colony, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
Phone Number: 099900 06668
Timings: Mon-Sun: 12 pm–1 am
Reservations: dineout.co.in
Order: swiggy.com
Location: Arabella House Of Arabic & Lebanese Cuisine, A.C Guard


MLA: Jaffar Hussain Meraj 

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