July 19, 2024
Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi – Best Mandi Restaurant at Begumpet

Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi – Best Mandi Restaurant at Begumpet

Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi

Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi: A Taste of Arabian Hospitality in Hyderabad

In the center of Hyderabad in the midst of the vibrant mix of flavors and cultures, is Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi an eatery that promises a truly Arabian eating experience. As soon as you enter this warm and welcoming place the scent of spices and warmth envelope you, bringing you to the center of Arabia.

Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi is a celebration of traditional Arabian cuisine, where each dish is a tribute to the generations of culinary heritage. Their signature dish is the eponymous Mandi is a must-try for anyone who is a foodie. It is slow-cooked and cooked in an oven that has been used for centuries the tender chicken or lamb is flavoured with a variety of spices that create a harmonious symphony of flavors that will remain on your palate for a long time after you’ve finished your meal.

Their menu is far more extensive than the Mandi offering a delicious selection of Arabian delights. Take a bite of the rich stews that are simmering with a variety of flavors, or enjoy fresh salads that explode with freshness. To experience the Arabian street food culture Try the samosas abundantly filled with spiced peas and potatoes and crispy falafel, accompanied by an tangy tahini dressing.

It is impossible to imagine an Arabian dining experience is complete without a taste of their famous desserts. Al Arabian Mataam Al-Mandi’s Baklava is a masterwork of pastry making, featuring layers of phyllo pastry stuffed with chopped nuts, and drenched in honey. For a lighter dessert choose the refreshing kunafa. It’s a flaky, cheese-filled pastry that has been coated in sweet syrup.

Food at Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi is more than just a meal, it’s a truly cultural experience. The ambience of the restaurant is an amalgamation of classic Arabian decor and modern sophistication creating a space that allows you to relax to unwind and truly enjoy the tastes of Arabia. The friendly staff, attired in traditional attire will be happy to help you navigate the menu and impart their culinary knowledge and ensure that you have the most memorable dining experience.

No matter if you’re an experienced foodie or are a newbie to Arabian cuisine, Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi is a culinary paradise located in the middle of Hyderabad. With its authentic tastes and warm, welcoming lively atmosphere, it’s not a surprise that this restaurant has become an absolute favorite for those who want to experience the taste of Arabia.

Here are a few reasons to visit Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi:

  • authentic Arabian food: Experience the rich aromas and flavors of Arabian cooking, made with recipes that are based on traditional methods and high-quality ingredients.
  •  A wide menu: Indulge in a variety of Arabian dishes including slow-cooked stews and meats, to fresh salads and delicious desserts.
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the Arabian tradition with traditional decor and gentle music.
  • Staff that is attentive and knowledgeable: Receive expert recommendations and personal assistance from the restaurant’s welcoming staff.

If you’re seeking a culinary experience that will take you to the center of Arabia, Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi is the ideal destination. Begin your journey through flavors and discover the elusive treasure of Hyderabad.

Al Arabian Mataam Al Mandi

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Phone Number: 040 4853 6786, 063029 79891


Saturday 11:30am–12:30am
Sunday 11:30am–12:30am
Monday 11:30am–12:30am
Tuesday 11:30am–12:30am
Wednesday 11:30am–12:30am
Thursday 11:30am–12:30am
Friday 11:30am–12:30am

Payment Option: Cash/Card/UPI

Address: Jam-e-masjid Premises, Opp Manohar Hotel, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016

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