July 23, 2024
Are Shops Open Tomorrow in Hyderabad?

Are Shops Open Tomorrow in Hyderabad?

Shops Open

Will Shops Open Tomorrow in Hyderabad?

Well, many of us are in a dilemma whether Hyderabad will have another Lockdown or not? Right now there is no news of another lockdown by the Government of Telangana or any higher authorities. So I can say that shops open tomorrow in Hyderabad for now.

Many businesses have been shut down in Hyderabad during the lockdown period of 3 months, and a lot of companies are struggling to manage their businesses.

On Sunday 28th June Telangana Government has said that they will plan out if Lockdown is necessary in Telangana or parts of Telangana where cases are rising rapidly.

Many traders in different parts of Hyderabad have closed their markets as self lockdown in view of growing COVID-19 cases in the city.

Traders of Lad Bazar, Troop Bazaar, Charminar, Kothi, Ameerpet, and few other parts have shut down their shops to maintain self-isolation to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Hyderabad.

Right now as the cases are increasing day by day people who stay in various parts of Telangana are moving to their native places in fear of another lockdown.

As of now, there is no special notice from the Telangana Government to close the shops apart from the list of shops mentioned in the unlock down GO passed by the government.

According to some news sources, the Telangana government is preparing for more tests even on the suspects of COVID-19

Yes, SHOPS ARE OPEN, except Theatres, Restaurant and Bars, Educational Institutions like Schools and Colleges, all the other basic necessity shops are open in Hyderabad and there is no expectation of Lockdown until and unless the State Government announces the same.

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