July 24, 2024
Barkas, Hyderabad – Locality Details


Famous as the Mandi (the Traditional Yemeni Dish) center of Hyderabad, Barkas is a neighborhood located in Hyderabad.

A Little History:

Barkas got its name from ‘barracks’ which means an array of long buildings built to house military personnel or laborers. It is named so as Barkas served as the home for the military personnel during the Nizam Rule.

Presently, the houses of residents of the “Chaush community” who are said to be the direct descendants of the Hadhrami, Larzi, Al Hassani, Al Quraishi tribes of Yemen and have adorned ‘Lungis ‘ as depiction of their tribes. The locality has always managed to pave its way on the Headlines of famous food blogs and news channels. The meat market of this area which is popular for providing and supplying loads of meat across the city is handled by the people of the Al Quraishi tribe.

Food Culture:

Barkas is primarily famous for its traditional food culture which is said to have its origin from Yemen and influenced by the middle eastern region. The Local cuisine of barkas includes; Mandi (a Yemeni rice dish made with chicken or mutton pieces which are cooked and steamed in a Tandoor), Harees ( a traditional meat dish cooked with crushed wheat and spices), Kabsa (Arabian Dish), Maqluba, Quzi, Saleeg, Shawarma, Falafel and Mutabbaq. The bond of Barkas and Mandi seems inseparable with the increasing demand for this traditional dish across the city.


Most of the restaurants are famous for their traditional way of cooking and seating. The restaurants here, offer typical Arab style seating i.e. sitting cross-legged on the floor and eating the dish from the same plate with your friends and family. Here are some restaurants at barkas you should not miss visiting :

1) Mataam Arabian Al Khaleeji.

• Location: Airport Road, Opposite Pili Dargha, Salala Barkas, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad.

• Timings : 2PM-4:00AM

2) Al Saud Bait Al Mandi

• Location: 5-31, Srisailam Highway, Yerrakunta, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad

• Location : 1PM-3:00AM

3) Al Arabi Matam

• Location: Barkas International Airport Road, Opp. Peeli Dargah, masjid-e-Osman, Salala, Hyderabad.

• Timings : 12:00PM-3:00AM

4) Zaatar Al Arabian Mandi Restaurant

• Location: Bandlaguda Rd, Tulsi Nagar, Jahangirabad, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad.

• Timings : 1:00PM-2:00AM

5) Noor Arabi Mataam

• Location: Errakunta X Road, Srisailam Highway, Errakunta, Pahadi Shareef Rd, Yerrakunta, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad.

• Timings : 1:00PM-3:00AM

Education :

Some of the renowned schools and educational institutions are Jamiatul muflihat, Ali Public School, Spring Dales High School, Nizam Boys’ Town High School, Al-Qurmoshi Global School And Girls Junior College, Kendriya Vidyalaya CRPF, Loyola model high school and Royal Grammar High School.

Shopping & Bazaar :

The Barkas Bazaar also known as the Dubai Bazaar is a market that is famous for it’s imported items. These items are said to be imported from the Arab states and other middle eastern states. Therefore it attracts hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. The bazaar also has many restaurants and street food stalls that sell Harees, Sulaimani Chai, Qawah (Yemeni Tea) and several types of sweets.

The Maidan nearby is a multi-purpose playground where kids from the nearby places can be seen playing as the elders sit down to chat with Chai in their hands.

Hospitals :

Nearby hospitals in cases of emergency are Life Line Hospital (Chandrayangutta, Barkas) Al MADINA General and Maternity Hospital, Bibi Amena Milli Hospital, Government Hospital and Bakoban Hospital, Super Speciality Hospital. The hospitals and clinics around the area usually provide 24-hour service and treatment.

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