July 19, 2024
Best Haleem Places In Hyderabad – All Details

Best Haleem Places In Hyderabad – All Details

Best Haleem Places In Hyderabad

Best Haleem Places In Hyderabad

Best Haleem Places That Should Be On Every Hyderabadi’s checklist! Stay true to it folks! But again, haleem season lasts a month so there’s plenty of time to try out all the tasty haleems in the city! And we brought this little list for you to check out this Ramzan. You must try them all!

Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant
Location: Charminar, Tolichowki, Gachibowli.

Shah Ghouse Restaurant Haleem

One of the most popular restaurants in Hyderabad for both their biryanis and haleem. The mad rush at Charminar branch or Tolichowki testifies this very fact and now also available at Gachibowli.


Pista House
Location: Charminar and Various outlets around the city.

Pista House has become synonymous with Hyderabad and Haleem. The place has often served good Haleem for decades and has never compromised on the quality. This one is the only firm that makes a good business in the city as well as other parts of the country. Now the owners have started its chain of brances in UAE and USA to provide its esteem customers their world famous Haleem in their own cities.


Hotel Shadab
Location: High Court Road, Ghansi Bazar.

This restaurant at Charminar, which serves the best Biryani in town, is not behind when it comes to Ramzan special Haleem is the Best Haleem. The Haleem is indeed a perfect amalgamation of everything you long for.


Cafe 555
Location: Masab Tank.



Cafe Bahar
Location: Basheer Bagh.



Sarvi Restaurant
Location: Banjara Hills.

Sarvi Restaurant


Hyderabad House
Location: Khilwat Ground,Charminar, Yousufguda, Riyan Function Plaza, Karwan Rd.

Hyderabad House Haleem


Hotel Rumaan
Location: Tolichowki.


About: After Ten years of its inception, Rumaan is still going strong with its version of haleem. The beef haleem is a specialty here which attracts the people who like heavy meat haleem.


Hotel Paradise
Location: Paradise Circle, Secunderabad.



Hotel Bawarchi
Location: RTC ‘X’ Roads.


About: Do not mistake it with other Bawarchis that you find at every second lane. Note: Bawarchi does not have any branches.
Last but not the least…


Shehzade Restaurant
Location: Tolichowki Main Road.


About: Shehzade Restaurant a new restaurant in the city but give serves you the a good quality and quantity Haleem compared to some of the old restaurants one must give a try and enjoy its delicious Haleem.

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