April 14, 2024
Best Hyderabadi Youtube Channels And Their Followers

Best Hyderabadi Youtube Channels And Their Followers

Best Hyderabadi Youtube Channels

Hyderabadis have excelled in all fields. They have proved their worth in every fierce situation the world threw at them. Similarly, there are some exceptional Hyderabadi talents who have successfully marked their winning spot in the YouTube Industry. Today we are going to discuss few things about Best Hyderabadi Youtube channels And Their Followers.

Here are some Hyderabadi YouTube channels not worth missing:

1) Shehbaaz Khan (1.81 Million subscribers) :

Shehbaaz Khan

Shehbaaz khan was born and brought up in Hyderabad. He’s a hardcore Hyderabadi and his love for acting drove him to establish his own Hyderabadi YouTube channels. He is an actor, director, and writer of all his videos. From a common man to winning the “Best Youtuber Award-Hyderabad” in 2019, Shehbaaz khan paved his way to tremendous success.

His channel consists of videos in every genre. Let it be a comedy or a conveying meaningful message to humanity, he does it all with great efficiency. He rose to fame after his popular series “Noor Bhai” started doing rounds on the internet. People showered immense love on the videos and began appreciating his efforts. His channel is the first Hyderabadi YouTube channel to reach 1 million subscribers.

Youtube: Shehbaaz Khan Youtube Channels

Facebook: Shehbaaz Khan Facebook Page

2) Kiraak Hyderabadiz ( 1.22 Million subscribers) :

Kiraak Hyderabadiz

The credit for establishing this channel goes to Shehbaaz khan and his friends. Shehbaaz khan has taken the charge of managing this channel along with his friends. The script is usually written by Shehbaaz Khan, directed by the same and the exceptional actors are his beloved companions. Also one of my favorite channels, Kiraak Hyderabadiz never fails to make my day. The channel is amongst the most loved of Hyderabadi Youtube channels.

Youtube: Kiraak Hyderabadiz Youtube Channels

Facebook: Kiraak Hyderabadiz Facebook Page

3) Hyderabad Diaries : (2.33 Million subscribers)

Hyderabad Diaries

Hyderabad Diaries is another popular Hyderabadi Youtube channels established by Shahrukh Khan. No, not the ‘DDLJ  waala srk’, this is our very own Hyderabadi Shahrukh who paved his way through the chaos of this industry and won his winning position. His videos never failed to make me and my family laugh. The channel consists of videos belonging to the comedy genre. All of the videos of the channel are written and directed by Shahrukh except a few. They have their very own vlogging channel “Hyderabad Diaries Vlogs” which gives an insight into their daily lives. And yes, I’m eagerly waiting for Shahrukh’s video dropping this Friday!

Youtube: Hyderabad Diaries Youtube Channels

Facebook: Hyderabad Diaries Facebook Page

4) The Baigan Vines : (842k subscribers)

The Baigan Vines

The Baigan Vines (TBV) is one of it’s kind. They have built their channels with a strong family of subscribers with time. The credit for establishing this channel goes to Aamer bin Ishaq and his friends. The Baigan Vines have mostly comedy videos to their credits. Recently, their other channel “TBV knowledge and truth” gained immense popularity amongst Hyderabadis for some knowledgeable information. Many Hyderabadis appreciate their efforts to bring about awareness on topics we hesitate to speak about.

Youtube: The Baigan Vines Official Youtube Channels

Facebook: The Baigan Vines Facebook Page

5) Warangal Diaries : (1.52 Million subscribers)

Warangal Diaries

Warangal Diaries is another YouTube channel you shouldn’t miss watching. This channel is popular amongst Hyderabadis for its witty comedy videos. They have a unique way of the screenplay and the members portray the written characters with crazy efficiency. Warangal diaries rose to fame amongst the teens for the maximum amount of relatable content observed in their videos.

Youtube: Warangal Diaries Youtube Channels

Facebook: Warangal Diaries Facebook Page

These were the 5 Hyderabadi YouTube channels which is worth all your attention and time. Tell us in the comment section if you have liked any of their videos!

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