April 22, 2024

Bolarum Hyderabad

Located at Secunderabad Cantonment, Bolarum is a major residential locality in Hyderabad. From some renowned schools to popular temples, Bolarum is said to be one of the best localities to reside in.

Famous Temples and Churches :

Bolarum Hyderabad is house to many famous temples of which the Ayyapa Swamy Temple and the Jagannath Temple are most visited. The Ayyapa Swamy Temple is the oldest and most visited temple in the city. The temple organizes daily Bhajans and Pada Yatras annually attracting tourism. Hundreds of devotees start and end their deekshas at this temple and is a symbol of peace for the devotees.

The Jaganath Temple located at the same is under construction and is also a major tourist attraction. The devotees find themselves attached to their deity Lord Jagannath and consider the visit to this holy place as a chance to find their peace.

Apart from his Bolarum is home to several churches such as the popular Trinity Church which is a uniting church is visited by hundreds of devotees on a daily basis. Queen Elizabeth 2 is also said to have visited this church to celebrate her 36th birthday in 1983 in a service led by the Bishop Victor Premsagar.

Parks :

Apart from these Bolarum some of the best parks for recreational activities and to spend your weekend with your family or friends. Examples of such parks are Bison Environmental Park and Cantonment Park.

Education :

Bolarum Hyderabad is said to be home to some finest and renowned schools across the city. Some of these schools are Kotwal High School, St. Ann’s High School, Army Public School, Narayana Concept School, Sri Chaitanya School, St. Paul’s High School, Valerian Grammar High School, The City High School, Holy Angels High School, St. Michael’s School and St. Ann’s Boys School.

Hospitals :

Hospitals at Bolarum Hyderabad are very well maintained and are famous for their friendly environment. Hospitals like Government Civil Hospital, Paramitha Children’s Hospital, Sai Hospital, Jubilee Hospital, Aashrita Hospital, and Cantonment Central Hospital are open for 24 hours treatment.

The Bolarum Bazaar railway station which is located on the Manmad-Kachiguda section of the South Central Railway is a major landmark of this area.

No doubt bolarum Hyderabad is considered as one of the best residential localities in the city.

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