July 23, 2024
Famous Places in Kothapet Hyderabad

Famous Places in Kothapet are is a probably a locality or a neighbourhood which located near to NH65 in RangaReddy district. It was an independent gram panchayat until the former Andhra Pradesh government passed an order to the Hyderabad Muncipality Development Authority to develop it into a Muncipality.

What is it Famous Places in Kothapet Hyderabad?

The first thought which comes to any Hyderabadis mind when they hear kothapet is the “Kothapet fruit market”. Considered as one of the largest fruit markets across the country, this fruit market has dealers selling, buying and supplying fruits at a wholesale rate across the city or even state.

The fruits available depends specifically on the season, for example during summer, you can see huge heaps of mangoes of different sizes, shapes or types thronged all over the area and people cracking some amazing deals at the same.

Usually all the fruits coming to the city are first supplied at this market from where vendors or retailers buy them. Sometimes, these fruits are also exported to other states and even to various countries. So if you want to witness the different shades of the largest fruit market across the country, kothapet is a must visit.

Education :

Famous Places in Kothapet Hyderabad are Some of the renowed schools such as The Oakwood International School, Victoria Memorial Home and Residential School, Academic Heights Public School, Sunridge School, Eurokids, Kidszee are located at kothapet.

Eat, Shop and Movies :

Kothapet is also home to one of most popular theatres, one being the SVC Mahalakhsmi theatre which is located near the renowed Omni Hospital. From some amazing movies to munching on some delicious snacks, you can have a memorable stress free time at the theatre.

Later when your stomach growls of hunger you should not miss visiting the “Barbeque Nation” in the area. It is a perfect place calm down your various kebab and Biryani cravings. The Max Fashion store located in the same area is a renowed shopping center which has all kinfs of branded clothes of every size.

With huge sale offers and discounts during festivals, this shopping center is usually crowded but still it is one of the best places in city to buy branded clothes in cheap prices.

The Court and Hospitals :

The Ranga Reddy District court is also located at kothapet which is near to the NTR market, LB nagar. The court is duly filled with lawyers and several people who come with their issues or to track their cases or to hire a lawyer. The environment is soothing and the court is said to have a complex working style.

Apart from this, kothapet also has a popular multi speciality hospital called as the “Omni hospital of kothapet” which is known for its wide ranged treatment of various diseases with a pinch of Indian warmth. The responsible staff, well maintained wards, cheaper prices (of medicines and treatment) and well versed doctors make it a prioritized choice of the sick/ ailing.

From shopping to cracking wholesale deals on fruits, kothapet has everything which will interest you.

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