July 19, 2024
Located near the Masab tank and at the foothill of Banjara Hills, First lancer is quite famous locality with rich history of the Nizam Military in Hyderabad. Also popular among the locals for its commercial buisnesses, it is a busy locality.
The lanes accompanying the locality are narrow and huge vehicles like buses or tracks are barred from entering it. Even though cars or bikes can pass by the lanes, it usually gets crowded and makes it impossible to even move an inch.
First Lancer became popular when Hyderabad’s former Mayor, Majid Hussain ( AIMIM member) was a localite of First Lancer. Later, First Lancer rose to fame due to the young Indian Cricketer, Mohammad Siraj who is playing for the country at present.
With nothing much to its surrounding except Banjara Hills and Inner Ring Road apart from the commercial shops, First Lancer is famous for it’s Eidgah Maidan. Eidgah Maidan of First Lancer is said to be one of largest Eidgahs of the country.
The other side of the Eidgah has the dargah of Syed Ahmed Bad e Paa wherr people come to get their wishes fulfilled. The dargah is visited by hundreds of people and also organizes the yearly “Urs” along with food / jewelry stalls at the dargah.
The dargah was built by Balan Chowdhary who on losing his goats, sat down at the foot of the grave of Syed Ahmed and promised, that he would turn this grave into a dargah if his goats were found. Later on, the locality was changed and ‘First Lancer ‘ came into existence with 300 soldiers in 1874 during the Nizam Rule.
A parade ground for soldiers was created and the area still has the ‘Army Ground’. Hence, the area began to be known as “First Lancer”. As the time passed by, houses were built and soon the area turned into locality and then established a small commercial area.
First lancer is also famous for its “Nasheman Hotel” which is a 50 year old cafe which serves the Irani chai and has photos dating back to the Old Hyderabad. The locality also worked on its outlook during the Mayor’s time and has some amazing art on it’s walls.
The ‘Khaja Mansion’ at the foot of First Lancer is a famous function hall where numerous weddings take place and is famous for its well built interior. Being a familiar to the locality as my parents were married at the ‘Khaja Mansion’, I personally adore the locality. The roads hold nostalgia and the various jewelry, kirana, clothing, bakeries, street food places are always filled with visitors.
The Qutub Shahi Masjid in the center of locality at the military area is popular and accommodates hundreds of people for the prayers, the masjid also organizes Islamic Lectures frequently. In addition to that there is a huge graveyard at the area near to the masjid.
The Govt Girls High school and The Owaisi ground at First Lancer are also an important part of First Lancer. The Govt school was extended recently and now organizes all the classes from 1-10th. The Owaisi playground has numerous children of all ages playing either cricket or football or flying kites. With the atmosphere filled with the aroma of Chai, Fish Fry, Sweets and Samosas, it is a great place to explore the beauty of the local places of Hyderabad.
Make sure you visit the explore the local vibes of Hyderabad resting in First Lancer!
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