July 19, 2024
How To Spend Two Days In Hyderabad.

Visiting Hyderabad for two days and confused about how to spend these days in Hyderabad? Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can make the most of visiting Hyderabad.

DAY 1 :

For the first day, you can start the city tour by exploring the best part of Hyderabad that is the Old City and The Areas around Old City.

You can visit The Mecca Masjid, which is one of the largest mosques in India and witnesses religious practices. It also welcomes hundreds of tourists on a daily basis irrespective of their religion and culture. Mecca masjid is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic culture (Unity in diversity) representing the real image of India

You can also visit the Salar Jung Museum, which is one of the largest museums in the world. It consists of artifacts, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, textiles, manuscripts, scriptures, Quran, etc from all over the world dating back to decades.


You can visit the Charminar, which is known as a landmark of Hyderabad and listed as the “Archaeological and Architectural Treasure’ by official ‘List of monuments’. Consisting of busy local markets around it and due to having high historical and religious significance.


You can visit the laad bazaar for some amazing jewelry and buy some pearls. Laad Bazaar is one of the busiest yet most famous markets for artificial jewelry, well crafted Pearl jewelry and stuffed diamond jewelry. Thronged by dozens of shops laad bazaar offers a great insight into a well-emerged region consisting of best jewelry throughout India.

You can then taste the street food of Old city when your stomach cries of hunger. The street food shops by the road are never to be missed. You can try different food ranging from Fruit Chaat, Samosa Chaats, Kebabs, Haleem, Dosas, Nihaari, Naan, Daalcha-Khaana, Khichdi Qeema, Chai, Qurbaani ka meetha, Idly, Vada, Dahi Vade, Biscuits to Biryanis.


The old city is also the best option for some street shopping and clothing. From kids to adults, the street clothing shops in the old city is loaded with amazing varieties of dresses and even footwear.


DAY 2 :

You can now taste the Biryani of Hyderabad in different parts of the cities. You can try the famous ‘Pista House Haleem’ and then visit the state museum to see the ‘ Egyptian Mummy’ of a princess.

You can visit the Birla Science Planetarium, located at Naubat Pahad at the heart of the city. The first Birla Science center and Modern Planetarium of the country, it is a must-visit. It was inaugurated in 1985 and is also one of the landmarks of Hyderabad.


You can visit some best Hotels in Hyderabad Like the Ohris, Jewel of Nizam, A’la Liberty, Paradise, etc for some great food options.

You can visit the Golconda Fort and the Chowmahalla palace for some best experiences. The Golconda fort has a lot of historical significance and represents one of the greatest examples of amazing architecture from ancient times.

Chowmahalla Palace is a palace cum museum which contains ceramics, artifacts, clothes and footwear from the Nizam Era.

You can visit the Birla Mandir which is one of the most famous temples in Hyderabad and is thronged by numerous devotees.

Hope this gives you a glimpse of what an amazing city  Hyderabad is!

Have a great time!

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