July 13, 2024
Mobile Shops in Jagdish Market Hyderabad – All Shops Details

Mobile Shops in Jagdish Market Hyderabad – All Shops Details

Mobile Shops in Jagdish Market Hyderabad

Mobile Shops in Jagdish Market Hyderabad – All Details

Mobile shops in Jagdish Market Hyderabad. In the chaos of Hyderabad and in between the narrow lanes which adorn themselves with the aroma of Biryani and Nahaari, there is the Jagdish market, located inside the Chirag Ali lane.

Jagdish Market is one of its kind.

Jagdish market is the first thought which comes to Hyderabadis when they think of selling their phone at a reasonable price or buying mobile accessories and gadgets at a wholesale price.

The place which has more than 500 shops is usually crowded and is popularly known for its commercial business regarding the gadgets.

Jagdish market is that one commercial market of India which is famous for its amazing deals on mobile phones.

From repairing all kinds of phones to selling or re-buying them, the Jagdish market is one stop to end all your worries regarding your mobile phones.

The shops have wide-ranged availability of different brands of mobile phones. including iPhones and even selfie sticks.

Jagdish Market Mobile Shops – Advantages

You can get the best repair services here at just 1000 – 2000 INR. The shops usually sell second-hand phones at affordable prices or wholesale prices.

Some of the repairmen sit by the roadside and offer repairing your mobile phone irrespective of its brand at the cheapest price.

Ever heard of an iPhone getting repaired and unlocked, just under the price of 1000 rupees? Seems impossible right? But in Hyderabad, it is possible.

From unlocking your Iphones to repairing your Nokia 3310, Jagdish Market will provide you with some best services across the country.

From lavish showrooms to a chair-size repair shop, it is home to more than 500 shops, dealers, repairing services, and some great tech accessories.

Apart from mobile phones, the Jagdish market is also famous for cheap-priced mobile phones and other tech accessories.

The earphones you brought at 800 from a showroom can be brought from the Jagdish market at just 400 rupees or even 200 rupees. Don’t believe me? Go and check out yourself.

It’s the spot you would want to visit for cracking profitable deals without making a hole in your pocket.

 Jagdish Market Mobile Shops – Drawback

one more thing which you have to be aware and careful of, that is; there are many incidents where the salesmen were caught selling duplicate phones and ‘china models’ at the market.

It is very important to ask questions, negotiate and analyze carefully before you buy a ‘Phone’ from the Jagdish market.

Even though there were a few frauds are prevalent yet it continues to be the Hub of cracking some best deals on mobile phones, Tabs, and some cool accessories.

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I won’t recommend investing your time buying an expensive phone from the Jagdish market but yes, to sell and to catch hold of some cool deals on mobile accessories and gadgets, it can be the best place in the city.

Here is the List of Mobile Shops in Jagdish Market Abids

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