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Kabul Darbar Restaurant- Best Mandi near RTA Office, Tolichowki.

Kabul Darbar Restaurant- Best Mandi near RTA Office, Tolichowki.

Kabul Darbar Mandi

Kabul Darbar Mandi

Kabul Darbar Restaurant, situated near the RTA Office in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, is renowned for its authentic Mandi dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients and prepared in an inviting setting. Additionally, service is impeccable!

Kabul Darbar Restaurant boasts an inviting atmosphere. Decorated with traditional Afghani artwork and filled with the scents of Mandi spices, its expansive seating area makes this an ideal spot to share a meal with family and friends. At Kabul Darbar Restaurant you will experience true hospitality – whether dining alone, sharing an experience with family and friends or entertaining important business partners! Ultimately it offers great dining experiences!
Kabul Darbar Restaurant features a range of Mandi dishes, from Chicken Mandi and Mutton Mandi to Fish Mandi and Vegetable Mandi. Small to large portions are also available for guests’ consumption.

Chicken Mandi

Kabul Darbar Restaurant’s Chicken Mandi dish is an extremely popular customer favorite, featuring whole chicken marinated in an exotic blend of spices before being slowly roasted to perfection. Additionally, this meal includes rice prepared in chicken broth seasoned with herbs. As an accompaniment, guests will find sides such as raita salad and chutney.

Mutton Mandi

Mutton Mandi atKabul Darbar Mandi is another customer favorite. This dish consists of whole lamb that has been marinated with an array of spices before being slowly roasted to perfection, served alongside rice cooked with lamb broth and spices, as well as various sides such as raita, salad and chutney.

Fish Mandi

Kabul Darbar Mandi Fish Mandi dish is an incredible seafood dining experience for seafood fans. Crafted using whole fish marinated with an irresistibly fragrant blend of spices before being grilled to perfection, served alongside rice cooked in fish broth with additional flavors; plus various side options including raita, salad and chutney.

Vegetable Mandi

Kabul Darbar Mandi Vegetable Mandi is an ideal vegetarian meal option. Crafted using various vegetables that have been cooked with special spices and then served over rice. In addition, this tasty treat also comes with side options including raita, salad and chutney for added variety and flavor!

Kabul Darbar Mandi provides more than just Mandi dishes; in addition to Biryani, Kebabs, and Tandoori Chicken it also offers traditional Afghan desserts such as Gulab Jamun Rasmalai Kheer.

Kabul Darbar Mandi provides outstanding service. Their friendly and attentive staff is always more than willing to assist with selecting a dish from their menu or home delivery services are also provided by them.

Pricepoint: @Kabul Darbar Mandi
Kabul Darbar Restaurant provides competitive prices when considering their quality of service and cuisine.

Kabul Darbar Mandi offers delicious authentic Mandi cuisine in an inviting setting, at reasonable prices. Kabul Darbar Restaurant’s food and service are delicious; I highly recommend Kabul Darbar Restaurant to any customer near the RTA Office in Tolichowki Hyderabad.

If this is your first visit to Kabul Darbar Mandi, I strongly suggest trying their signature dish, Chicken Mandi. This delectable treat can only be found here!
This restaurant also provides an assortment of Mandi dishes, such as Mutton Mandi, Fish Mandi and Vegetable Mandi. If you are in search of something new and different to try, I highly suggest giving these dishes a try! Additionally, they have many Afghani options as well, including Kabuli Pulao with Vegetables (pictured here).


Afghani Restaurant

Phone: 072070 83888

Service options: Dine-in · Curbside pickup · No-contact delivery


Monday: 12pm–1:30am
Tuesday: 12pm–1:30am
Wednesday: 12pm–1:30am
Thursday: 12pm–1:30am
Friday: 12pm–1:30am
Saturday: 12pm–1:30am
Sunday: 12pm–1:30am

Payment Option : Cash/Card/ UPI

Address: 9-4-77/3/B, BalReddy Nagar, Opposite RTA Office, Tolichowki, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008.

Menu: www.dineout.co.in

Order online: swiggy.com, zomato.com

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