April 14, 2024
Must Visit Street Food Joints in Hyderabad

Must Visit Street Food Joints in Hyderabad

Street Food Joints in Hyderabad

5 Best Must Visit Street Food Joints in Hyderabad

If there is anything that Hyderabad is famous for, other than just Charminar. Then it has to be Biryani. But in a broader sense, not just Biryani, but Hyderabad is full of food choices as it is a hub of foodies.

Hyderabadis are die-hard food fanatics and rightfully so, as they have an array of food choices in the city. Here are some of the Must Visit Street Food Joints in Hyderabad.

Starting from the royal Nawabi cuisine to Indo Chinese food, Hyderabad has it all. You name it and we have it. Though there is no dearth of top-class fine dining restaurants in the city, what makes a real Hyderabadi drool, is definitely street-side food.
The roadside ‘ bandi’ as we fondly call it are much more than just Chinese stalls now. These have transformed a lot, in terms of cleanliness and hygiene but also in terms of their massive fanbase among the crowd.

Here are few must-visit street food joints that serve some finger-licking yet pocket-friendly food:

1. Ram Ki Bandi
This has to be one of the most iconic bandis that caters to almost thousands of people per day. The most special thing about this is that it opens at wee hours in the morning as early as 5.30 AM and closes soon, all thanks to its a crazy rush.
It is located in Mohzam Jahi Market, Opp. Karachi bakery.
2. Govind  Dosa
This is one of the oldest Street food Hyderabad in the heart of the old city. His generously laden butter dosa is to die for. Not just dosa, but he also has various other breakfast options that are finger-licking good.
3. Gokul Chaat
If you get hunger pangs while indulging in some retail therapy, and crave for something savory, then this is the answer for you. You can enjoy their delicious chats and their famous kulfi to further enhance your taste buds.
Koti, Hyderabad
4. Eat Street
If you are in a mood to enjoy the cool breeze and savor some interesting food items, then Eat Street food Hyderabad is for you. You can choose amongst the various stalls that cater to all kinds of food and beverages. Located right on the necklace road, this is also one of the most picturesque locations.
5. Sindhi Colony
This one is in Secunderabad. This Street food Hyderabad is famous for all kinds of foods. Right from dosas, idlies,  Chaat,  pizzas, juices, ice cream and whatnot. A must-visit the stall is that of Chachaji, which sells one of the most delicious dabelis in the city. End it with a nice sweet pan, among the various ones at Dimmy for a happy tummy.
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