September 26, 2023


If you’re a foodie and a hardcore Hyderabadi, I’m sure you know what “Sindhi Colony Hyderabad” symbolizes? Yes, street food! Who doesn’t know the amazing street food course sindhi colony offers.  The aroma filled spread across the area will you nostalgic as it makes your mouth water!

Located near the Prender Ghast Road in Secunderabad, the Sindhi colony can also be known as a landmark of most delicious street food in the state. It was founded by the sindhi refugees after partition in 1947. It is one of the most crowded areas and is also a commercial suburb of Hyderabad.

As the crowd begins to gather around the food stalls by the evening, the contentment and happiness on every face become evident. The dishes available at Sindhi colony are vegetarian with a few stalls offering non-vegetarian options. A perfect example of the variety and diverse street food culture, the Sindhi colony has a food course that cannot be missed.

From Bhelpuri to some delicious Pizzas, Sindhi Colony Hyderabad has every delicacy to its name. Some of the must-try food stalls here include Chachaji’s Vadapav. Famous for its Vadapav and Dabeli, Chacha Ji’s is owned by a Gujrati family. The Vadapav along with spicy chutneys will give your taste buds the perfect contentment.

The Pizza Den here is famous for its wide range of unique pizzas. It mainly serves vegetarian pizzas with jalapeno and olives etc. Popular pizzas include: ‘Vegetable Exotica’, ‘ Tomato and Cheese Pizza’. The popular chat bhandar across the road will take your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure through it’s Pav Bhaji.

The Kulfis, Ice Golas (especially the Rose Golas and Khova), Paan (Paan fusion) will have your back when your hunger pangs proceed towards the sweets. The Papri Chat and Sev Puri of Raju Chat Bhandar are another must recommend. Apart from these, there is the availability of South Indian food such as Paneer Butter dosas, Tawa Idlis, etc; North- Western Food, Aloo Toast and Tawa Sandwich at Mayur Pan House are other famous food options here.

Apart from these, Sindhi colony also has some diverse options in clothing which leads huge crowds to throng the road for some cheap street shopping. It is also home to one of the largest garment factories in Hyderabad, therefore, making it a perfect commercial area.

Sindhi colony is the most cherished suburb of Hyderabad in terms of street food culture. It is always advised to not miss the splendor of the diverse food culture here.

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