May 30, 2024
List of places in Ranigunj Secunderabad

places in Ranigunj secunderabad in Hyderabad is a major commercial suburb located in Secunderabad. It is near to the Hussain Sagar lake and is popular for it’s hardware commercial shops which will help you crack deals worth thousands on various places in Ranigunj,secunderabad

Ranigunj is home to the popular and busy Paradise Hotel which also serves as its primary landmark. Ranigunj is an urban suburb struggling to make itself clearer through the narrow lanes. It is also known as MG Road which extends to 2 kms.

Here are the list places in Ranigunj secunderabad famous for apart from it’s commercial retailers :

1) Saidani Ma Tomb :

Among the list of places in Ranigunj Secunderabad  The small monument has lost its sheen amidst the narrow lanes and the crowded road. It is said to be the tomb of Saidanima, the mother of a senior official during the rule of Nawab Mehboob Ali Khan. There is another grave beside her grave which is said to be belonging to Nawab Jung followed by a smaller grave (of a child).

Saidani Ma Tomb


2) Hanuman Math, RaniGunj :

This small temple was said to be built in the loving memory of Fakir Chand Moti Wale. This is open to it’s visitors only in mornings and evenings.

Hanuman Math



3) James Railway Station :

One of the oldest Railway stations which is said to be built during the British era still has the old style of ticket windows and fading british architecture. It is forgotten and therefore fails to keep up with its beautiful architecture with the lapse of time.

James street ranigunj



4) Jain Temple

Jain Temple is a typical styled Jain temple with white marbels and torans. Beside the temple is a Jain Bhavan also a Dharmshala. The Jain temple is visited by hundreds of devotees on a daily basis.

jain temple


The streets of ranigunj are filled with commercial shops and chaat bhandars which give you the typical market vibe.

Ranigunj also has some amazing restaurants to it’s name which are a must visit. Some of them are :

1) New Santosh Dhaba

Location : Pan Bazar, Old Gudi, Old Bhoiguda, Rani Gunj, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003.

• Contact : 040 6620 7987

The food served at this restaurant which is open until midnight is underrated and will leave you wanting for more. It has some of best foods you will ever taste in the city.

New Santosh Dhaba

2) City Light Hotel

Location : 149, Rashtrapati Rd, Hyderbasthi, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003.

• Contact : 091607 68270

I’m sure if you have been living in Hyderabad for a long time, you might have definately heard the City Light hotel’s Irani chai and Haleem during ramadan. Known for its Chai, City light hotel is the landmark of Ranigunj.

City Light Hotel

Apart from these hotels, the street food of Ranigunj secunderabad is quite popular. The Bhelpuri, Gol Gappe, Vada Pav, Chai, Juices, Pakoras, Vadas, Idlis, Dosas and Chinese fast food centers are usually in demand.

I hope that gives you a clear brief view about these lost lanes of a busy road in the city of sultans.

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