July 13, 2024
MBA student arrested for spreading false messages about Shahghouse Biryani

MBA student arrested for spreading false messages about Shahghouse Biryani

ShahGhouse Cafe and Restaurants

Earlier in december a message was circulated on various social media sites and messaging app Whatsapp, stating that the famous Hyderabadi Biryani restaurant – Shahghouse Biryani Restaurant was serving dog meat instead of mutton in its biryani and the messages went so viral that food safety officials of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation conducted raids and collected samples, and later sent the same to the laboratory for examination.

Shahghouse Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the twin-cities. Famous for its delicious haleem and other non-veg dishes.

Later, the restaurant owner knocked at the door of the police and filed an official complaint seeking justice. Taking the complaint quite seriously, the cyber crime department sent a requisition to WhatsApp authorities and asked them to furnish the details of the registered mobile number and the IP address along with date and time of the person, who initially generated the message on the mobile app. Simultaneously, cops also started investigating where did the message first come from.


After many efforts in the form of a one-person-after-another interrogation, the cops finally identified the person who had first started this rumour. And the accused has been, identified as 22-year-old Valaboju Chandra Mohan, had started sending these false, defamatory messages and also spread three pictures of dog-slaughter and dog meat along with that. Mohan, who is pursuing his MBA, was arrested under Sections 290 and 500 of the IPC and and Section 66 (D) of the IT Act.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad City police has requested people to pay no heed to rumours and do not spread false messages on social media without verifying the genuineness of the same.

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