April 22, 2024
Some amazing water parks in Hyderabad you must try this summer.

Some amazing water parks in Hyderabad you must try this summer.

water parks in Hyderabad

The scorching heat messing up with your plans of holidaying? No worries, we got your back. With the increasing temperatures and approaching summer vacations, I’m sure most of us are already in a mood for some relaxation and enjoyment in water parks in Hyderabad.

Here are amazing some water parks you need to try this summer :

List Of Amazing water parks in Hyderabad.

1) Escape Water Parks :

Location: Shamshabad

Considered as one of the most popular and amazingly built water parks of Hyderabad, Escape water park is located on the outskirts of the city. Having distinctive choices of water rides, the park not only holds up hundreds of visitors per day but also takes care of their safety and is said to have a disciplined management system. This family-friendly place is a perfect destination for a break from your stressful life and making memories. This ideal place will not only let you taste the splendor of long drives but also gives you various lip-smacking food options at their lavish food court. This pocket-friendly water park perfectly surpasses all the ‘criteria of being an amazing relaxation spot’ for the people of every class.

Escape Water Park


2) Ocean Park :

Location: Gandipet

Considered as one of the best amusement parks of India, Ocean park is thronged by some beautiful water rides. It is a perfect place for people of all ages, let it be kids or adults, it provides fun and entertainment to all. Located 15 kms away from Hyderabad in its outskirts, Ocean Park is a family-friendly and a pocket-friendly option making it promising for all kinds of people. From amusement games to gardens where you can take a stroll and relax, Ocean park has it all. I don’t think there is any reason you would let go off an opportunity to visit it.

Ocean Park


3) Jalvihar Water Parks :

Location: Necklace Road, Hussain Sagar.

Located by the famous Hussain Sagar, Jalvihar is the most preferred ‘go-to’ option for Hyderabadis every summer. It is crowded with thousands of people visiting the park with their families on weekends. If you don’t like the crowd, the best time to visit Jalvihar is on weekdays in the afternoon especially Mondays. The park has 10 exciting water rides with various options of food available at the food court and some amazing “party zones” aka “adventure zones”. As it is crowded, the tickets can be booked in advance so that you don’t miss the thrilling experience of these rides.

Jalvihar Water Park


4) Wonderla Amusement Park :

Location: Outer Ring Road

Wonderla is finally in Hyderabad and is a preferred picnic spot for teens and students. Being the first park ever to introduce ‘reverse roller coaster rides’ and with more than 40rides to its name, Wonderla is one best amusement parks you’ll find in Hyderabad. Considered as the most celebrated and craziest part of the city, Wonderlaa has several options to let it be food or rides. It is a completely different world filled with laughter, relaxation, and memories. Before you visit Wonderla, make sure you visit their website to cross-check some safety measures and safety tips.

Wonderla Amusement Park


5) Wild Waters Parks :

Location: Shankarapalli

Unlike the other water parks, Wild Waters is your one-stop entertainment and amusement destination in Hyderabad. Wild Waters offers more than 60 rides including both the land rides making it a perfect place for to visit this weekend. It has an umpteen food course giving you a long break from your prolonged cravings. Some of the rides at Wild Waters include ‘Paradise Beach’, ‘Crazy River’, ‘Pirates Cave’, ‘Loop racer’, ‘ Twister’, ‘Hurricane’ , ‘Cyclone’ and also a Rain Disco. Doesn’t it seem exciting?

Wild Waters Park


6) Leonia Splash :

Location: Kachiguda

Leonia Splash is one of the most underrated thrilling amusement parks situated in Hyderabad. It offers you some of the best water rides and the best place to hang out with your friends or family. It is one place which will let you spend some quality time with your loved ones whilst having hours of entertainment and enjoyment. This park also includes ‘Rain Dance’ which comes along with a DJ. The management is well disciplined and makes sure that you enjoy every ride.

Leonia Splash


7) Dream Valley Water Parks :

Location: Vikarabad Road, Nazeeb Nagar

Being one of the ideal amusement for your family and friends, Dream Valley water parks in Hyderabad offers you a wide range of entertainment and amusing rides. Situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad, it deserves all your attention for it also features the Dream Valley resort which makes it possible for you to book a package and stay until your heart is content. Your packages are favored by the exciting access to unlimited water rides and food court. A perfect choice for the upcoming summers, I’m sure Dream Valley makes it on your list of ‘Relaxation Spots’.

Dream Valley Water Park


8) Mount Opera Multi Theme water parks in Hyderabad:

Location: Rangareddy

Located at the hilltop, Mount Opera is the biggest Multi theme park of Hyderabad. The insights from this park range from open theatre complex to Go-karting and some worth playing indoor games. Some of the rides at Mount Opera include “Toy Train’, ‘Striking Cars’, ‘Merry Go Round’, Ferris Wheel’, ‘Go Karting’ and indoor games like Billiards, Table Tennis are also available. Being pocket-friendly, it successfully makes its way through the list of some must-visit amusement parks in Hyderabad.

Mount Opera Multi Theme Park



With these water parks in Hyderabad around the corner, I’m sure the summer won’t feel that harsh on you.

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