July 19, 2024
Hyderabadi – Hum Aiseich Bolte!

Hyderabadi – Hum Aiseich Bolte!

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There’s no doubt that Hyderabadi slang is one of the most fascinating languages across the country. From Kashmir to the KanyaKumari everyone can probably be a fan of Hyderabad or Hyderabadi Biryani or The Hyderabadi language or even at times fond of  Hyderabadis. Everyday I meet several new people and there are dozens among them who show their interest in learning this much loved  Dakhani language.

Hyderabadi slang is a mixture of Urdu, Telugu with a pinch of the Dakhini dialects and even Kannada. It is the native language of the Hyderabadi muslims and contains some coolest words which has their origins from Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Turkish, Arabian and even Persian.

It was introduced during the rule of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his invasion in the South. Hyderabadi is an intelligible language with some amazing distinctive features. Many Urdu poets also adapt Hyderabadi langauge in their Poetries and Shayaris.

Hyderabadi also rose to fame after the Hyderabadi Film “The Angrez” became successful and was critically acclaimed in 2006.

Here are some words from Hyderabadi language, you can learn and use in your daily life :

• Maut Daaldiya – (informal) Maut= Excellent / Very nice. Maut daaldiya directly means “I performed/did very nicely”.

For example : If you are asked how you performed in your final exams? You can say “Maut daaldiya yaaroo”.

Baigan – (informal) literally means ‘Brinjal’ but Hyderabadis use it as an expression of aggressive denial, curiosity, anxiety, pride, victory, humour and failure! Synonym – Pinda.

Example : Kya baigan ke baatan karre yaaro! (what rubbish are you speaking?)

•Merku – (Informal/formal) – the Hyderabadi synonym of ‘Mujhe’ or ‘Mujhko’ in urdu.

Example – Merku nai pasand wo jagah! (I don’t like that place)

Chindiyaa Kardiye – (Informal) – directly translates to “Nailed it”.

Example – Chindiyaa kardiye yaaro kal ka match tum! ( You nailed it at yesterday’s match)

Gichhiyan / Gicchi – (Formal/Informal) – Mess ; messy situation.

Example – Unke ghar main alag ich gicchiyan chalre bhai! (There are messy situations going on in his house)

Hallu – (Formal/Informal) – directly means “slowly”.

Example – Hallu jao yaaroo! (Go slowly broo)

• Haula – (Informal) – Fool/Foolish / Idiot

Example – kya haula hai miya uney (He is such a fool, bro! )

• Kaiku ki – (Formal/informal) – directly translates to “Why though?” and “Who knows why?”

•Katey – (Formal/Informal) – used in 3rd person when you’re referring to a incident or words said by someone else.

Example –Kal hai katey unki flight (It seems his flight is Tomorrow)

Miyan/Ustaad/ Pathey /Yaaro – (Informal) Fellow, Brother, Buddy usually referred to as a friend.

Example – Nai yaaro kuch b nai bole uno (No broo, He didn’t say anything)

• Nakko – (Formal /Informal) – Directly means ‘No’.

Example – kal nakko jao. (Don’t go tomorrow).

Lyt lo – (Formal/Informal) – directly means “take it easy”

Bhairi – (Formal/Informal) – Directly means Slap.

Example – Ek bhairi di na, yaad rakhte tum! ( Once If i slap you, you’ll remember me for life)

Coolest words! Aren’t they?

Indeed, Hyderabadi slang is the most fascinating languages!

Sahi bolriun nai?

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