July 24, 2024
Things To Do At Home During Quarantine Time

Things To Do At Home During Quarantine Time

Things To Do At Home During Quarantine Time

The world has become such an uncertain place now. With the alarming situation of COVID 19 and its rapid spread, and as per the Government’s orders, we all have to observe Quarantine. Quarantine is nothing, but isolation, and not meeting people. Refraining to our homes is the only solution in times of this disastrous pandemic. But, how many of us are really enjoying a home? Well, most of us are quite bored of this monotony. But, there are so many things that we can inculcate in, during this quarantine. Here are Things To Do At Home During Quarantine Time

Take Rest
Well, this is quite a basic thing to do. But, it’s quite rare for us to get an actual amount of 8 hours of sleep, all thanks to our busy schedules. So, when we have been refrained from stepping out of the house, why not snooze that alarm for a few more minutes, and enjoy that much-needed rest, that you hardly get in daily hustle-bustle of life.

Cultivate Hobbies
If you do not have any particular hobbies, you can cultivate a few, right by sitting at home. Learn paper folding, origami, learn a few recipes, try online challenges that are fun to do. You can do anything and try out as many things as long as you have your smartphone with you for various ideas.

Help, Help and Help
This has to be said. One thing that we are observing during quarantine is that we have asked our maids and house help to not come for work. This creates a lot of burden on a few of our family members especially ladies. Why not chip in a chore or two and help reduce their workload? This will also make you feel involved and your family will feel loved.

Do an Online Course
Once you want to learn something, there are no barriers to boundaries or demography. The technological advancements have come so far, that we can learn most of the courses online and by sitting at the comforts of our home. What more? You gain some knowledge and also do not sit idle. Making full use of this time, this can add a feather in your cap.

Cultivate Kitchen Garden
This is in tune with the food and vegetable shortage that we might face in the supermarkets all thanks to the hoarders. If you have little soil, pots. You can grow leafy greens right in your kitchen. Grees like fenugreek, coriander, mint, etc can be easily grown at home. If not soil, you can also grow them with just water. Just search for youtube videos and go ahead, This will also give you organic homegrown veggies, but will also help the market owing to less demand.

Use Social Networking
Social networking means connecting with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Having a conference video call with all your friends/ colleagues from their respective homes can be fun and also take off your mind from the stressful times. This way you feel together, even without coming together.

Exercise, Meditate
This can be a little boring, but you have got to do it. Exercising and meditating will help you boost your immunity and fight the disease effectively. Maintaining a proper diet with keeping your body extremely hydrated, can help boost your health and wellness.

Finish that Book
Now is the perfect time to clean that dust off that old book you had once bought, but were unable to finish. Finish the book, as now you have all the time in the world. If you have a Kindle, then you can read it any time anywhere without having to carry an actual book and can read many at once.

Play Board Games
This one comes as a very common thing, as many households either indulge in a pack of cards or play any indoor games like Jenga, carrom, etc to kill the time at home. This not only will bring back your childhood memories, but also will help you bond again with your family.

Clean It
And, when you run out of an idea to kill time, you can always clean your cupboard/ home or your room. Cleaning it might take up considerable time and you can kill two birds with one stone. A cleanroom/ cupboard will look more pleasant and also you can discard things that you no longer require. If you have already cleaned it, try rearranging the furniture. This will give a new look to your place and also help you come out of this monotony.

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