July 24, 2024
Things you need to remember when you travel by Hyderabad metro.

Things you need to remember when you travel by Hyderabad metro.

Hyderabad metro

Hyderabad finally got its much-awaited Metro Rail in 2017. Inaugurated on November 27, 2017, Hyderabad Metro remains as one of the largest Metro Rail- stretches in India. The 30km stretch connecting 72km of Metro Rail Network has 57 trains running along the stretch gives major relief to the daily commuters. Each of the 57 trains consists of 3 coaches, each coach having the ability to accommodate 330 passengers. The metro has three areas: The Platform, Public and Private. Only the ones with tickets/tokens are allowed to enter the Private and Platform areas.

here are some things you need to know if you’re a daily commuter or is thinking to take a metro for work on a daily basis :

Things you need to remember when you travel by Hyderabad metro.

1) Time – Ticket and Nearest Hyderabad Metro:

It is very important to keep these three things in your mind while you plan to board a metro. Find your nearest station on the official Metro Rail website of Telangana and make sure you reach at least 20 minutes before the appointed time of the train. The ticket counter is usually crowded and you may have to stand in a long queue before you finally have the ticket in your hand. To ease this difficulty as Hyderabad is one of the most populated states, there are PTA (Portable Ticket Analyzer) machines available at alternate distances. You can find a staff member and buy tickets from them.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the ticket is valid within 30 minutes of its purchase. If it exceeds 30 minutes, you will have to purchase another ticket. You are not allowed to stay in the premises for more than 2 hours. If you’re found by the officials at the premises for a longer time, you will be fined. Now you know why Time -Ticket and Nearest station go together? Time management is the key to successfully boarding the metro without even a minor inconvenience.


2) Boarding the Hyderabad Metro:

Boarding the metro involves the assessment of luggage and managing to get a seat inside.

According to the official rules and regulations by the Hyderabad Metro Rail, each person can carry a luggage of 10 kg with themselves, if it exceeds 10 kgs, you may have to pay extra or if you’re noticed carrying luggage more than warned, you may have to pay a hefty fine too.

Don’t rush towards that empty seat as soon as you enter the metro. You’re not allowed to be seated on the seats allotted for “Handicapped, Visually Impaired, senior citizens or for women”. If in any circumstances you’re caught seated on the floor or any of these seats, you will be fined again. You can sit on the train based on the availability of the seat.


3) Have the Hyderabad Metro Smart Card :

If you’re a daily commuter, it is bette4 advised to purchase the Metro Smart Card which will save you from the everyday stress of purchasing the ticket. The Metro Card will save you time and allow you to board the metro without any inconvenience.

4) What Can You Carry :

You are allowed to carry all the daily use items. Items that are Inflammable or weapons are strictly prohibited. For example : You can carry a cigarette but not liquor. Only women are allowed to carry a small knife keeping their safety in mind.


5) Avoid Being Absent Minded :

Know which station and what train you need to board. Know which platform you have to reach and keep in mind the time you’ve been inside the premises. Let the passengers exit, do not rush or push people. Stay calm, form a queue and then board even if you’re in a hurry. Keep a track of your destination and make sure you are not loud or cause any disturbance inside the metro. The metro may be crowded and you may not find a perfect place to sit after a tiring day, it’s okay to stay patient and polite. Remember everyone is in a hurry and everyone had a tiring yet bad day. Keep humanity alive.

I hope you have the best time traveling through the Hyderabad Metro.

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