April 13, 2024

Located in Vidyangar, Hyderabad, Adikmet can be considered as the educational hub. Surrounded by hundreds of Intermediate, Degree colleges, Universities and coaching centers throughout the area it would be no wrong if I called Adikmet as one of the educational hubs of Hyderabad. People of Adikmet begin their morning by 6 AM and the commercial shops, clinics, coaching centers wind up their work by 10 PM. The road gets abandoned once the clock strucks 10.


From jogging to having their breakfast, you can see everyone hurrying up and getting back to their work in haste. The roadside stalls which sell South Indian Foods like Dosa, Idli, Vada, Puri anc Chai are very famous. The main road is often crowded and occupied by the buses of the institutions nearby along with students paving their way to their colleges through the busy streets.

Dozens of Hospitals which treat hundreds of patients , Petrol Pumps Showrooms, Institutions, Food Stalls, Clinics, Banks, Supermarkets like Spencers, Reliance, Heritage etc on the main road are the markers of Adikmet. The Adikmet road is also other wise known as the OU main road as the Osmania University is its nearest landmark.


Osmania University ranks #26 on the Best National Institutions list and was established in 1918 by the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali khan. It is the first University which has Urdu as its medium of instructions. Having thousands of International students visiting and studying the University on a daily basis, it is one of the most popular universities in Hyderabad. It is one of the oldest universties of India established almost 102 years ago.

Osmania University is the largest university in the sub continent and has over 3 lakh students studying in it’s campus. The campus is huge and covers most of the area with each course having it’s own block. It also has dozens of International hostels for students and Parks where the students can relax. The greenery around the area attracts hundreds of residents around the area to do Yoga, Play games like Badminton, Cricket, Exercise , Jog and hangout in the early and evening hours. The University Colleges are located in the main campus of the university. There are eight colleges of the OU : the University College of Arts and Social Sciences, University College of Commerce & Business Management, University College of Technology, University College of Engineering, University College of Law, University College of Science, Institute of Advance Study in Education, and PG College of Physical Education. The university offers courses in Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Technology, Commerce and Business Management, Information Technology and Oriental Languages. Therefore making OU as the landmark of not only Adikmet but also Hyderabad.

The famous Hanuman temple which has hundreds of devotees visiting it on a daily basis is located in Adikmet. There is a masjid just beside the temple whose ‘Azaan’ (Prayer call) mixes with the bhajans from the temple will give you a glimpse of the Unity in the area. The temple is mostly visited during festivals especially Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Holi, Bonalu and Diwali where as the masjid is decorated and visited by many people during Eid. Therefore making Adikmet a perfect example for Unity in Diversity of India.


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