July 13, 2024
Best Place To Buy A Laptop? Ameerpet or CTC?

Best Place To Buy A Laptop Confused about where to buy a new laptop in the city? No worries, we’ve got your back. Below, we provide you a perfect analysis of different places/markets which provide you with the best prices on various gadgets and will solve all your prolonged dilemmas.

Best Place To Buy A Laptop

Ameerpet is more of a residential hub located in Hyderabad which has its contribution towards the blooming IT sector of Hyderabad. A major commercial center that is bustling with branded shops and malls offering major discounts on gadgets, clothes and food items, Ameerpet will take you in another dimension of a busy locality. Here, you will see dozens of dealers busy cracking cheaper deals on Best Place To Buy A Laptop or mobiles, students who are hurrying towards their coaching centers hidden amidst this IT training hub and people who are busy window shopping or trying some amazing street food.

No doubt, Ameerpet has wide-ranged branded showrooms, retailers and wholesale shops of electronics, which end up competing with each other in terms of best offers. From offering cheapest prices on laptops from Dell to Lenovo, the deals here will take you on a toll. It is best suggested that you visit this market before you finalize your laptop deal. Take a stroll through the market, ask them offers and consistently bargain. Many shopkeepers are ready to bargain and even give a discount if you’re exchanging the new laptop with your old one. You just need to give that extra push and stay determined to buy your desired laptop at a fairer yet cheaper price.

The offers on gadgets and electronic items change and are wide-ranged depending on the season of commerce. The offers fluctuate during the festive season and you can swipe your hand through laptops in cheaper prices during Dussehra and Diwali.

All you need to do is wait for the right time, stay determined and be lucky enough to be able to avail of the discounts or offers. 

Best Place To Buy A Laptop – CTC ( Chenoy Trade Center)

Located in Parklane, Secunderabad and known as ‘Secunderabad’s Own Cyber Gate Away’, CTC offers cheaper and Best Place To Buy A Laptop, mobiles, mobile accessories, etc.. Even though E-Commerce Giants such as Flipkart and Amazon offer mouth-watering discounts, CTC successfully beats them in electronic and gadget business in Hyderabad. The trade center is visited by thousands of techies and buyers who try their best to get their hands on some amazing deals. The trade center also has resellers and repair shops. These resellers and retailers offer a good amount of discount on the exchange for your old mobiles and laptops with new ones. Therefore the trade center is also known as “resellers hub”.

CTC can be the best place in the city to buy laptops and it will be a bonus if you’re good at bargaining. Many retailers here are ready to bargain and you will just need to put in an extra effort.

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