July 13, 2024
What is FASTag? How it Works and How to Apply FAST Tag?

What is FASTag? How it Works and How to Apply FAST Tag?

What is FASTag? How it Works and How to Apply FAST Tag?

What is FASTag:
FASTag is a prepaid rechargeable tag for toll payments to be used across India. It has many advantages and benefits from today 15th January 2020 FASTag on National Highways will become mandatory for all vehicles. The earlier deadline fixed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways was 31st December 2019 and it has been extended.

It is a prepaid radio-frequency identification-enabled tag that facilitates automatic deduction of toll charges. FASTag electronic toll collection programme is implemented by Indian Highways Management Company Limited.

Those who do not pay using FASTag will be asked to pay double the fees at any toll plaza across the country. It is believed that FASTag will do away with stop-over of vehicles and cash transactions at toll plazas. These tags which will be affixed on the vehicles’ windscreen, are projected as “Aadhaar” card for vehicles.

Service providers have developed a “My FASTag” mobile app to offer a one-stop solution to the people of India. FASTag has a validity of 5 years and over 70 lakh FASTag has already been issued till November 2019. A study by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM-Calcutta estimated the cost of delay on Indian roads at 6.6 billion dollar per year.

Further, the cost of additional fuel consumption due to delays was also put at 14.7 billion dollar per year. It helps plug revenue leakages, reduces operation cost of toll plazas, cost of fuel consumption, use of paper and air pollution. The Government of India also plans to use FASTag for fuel payments and parking charges.

How to it Works:

  • FASTag employs RFID (radio frequency identification technology ) technology and is affixed on the vehicles windscreen after the account is active.
  • No waiting in long queues you can go directly through the FASTag lane
  • RFID reader will read you’re FASTag ID and the signal will turn green.
  • Amount will be deducted directly from your FASTag account.
  • The user gets an SMS alert on the registered mobile number about all transactions and the available balance.

How to Apply FASTag:
FASTag can be obtains from various certified banks, online platforms, selected locations, toll plaza, you can also apply FASTag online from the official bank’s website or from NHAI website: www.nhai.gov.in.
Vehicle owner needs to submit the required documents along with the FASTag form:

  • FASTag application form
  • Registration Certificate
  • Passport size photo copy of vehicle owner
  • KYC documents

Kindly visit the following link to know more details about fast tag.

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