April 14, 2024
How to Deactivate Hyderabad Metro Smart Card?

How to Deactivate Hyderabad Metro Smart Card?

Hyderabad Metro Smart Card

Today we are going to discuss about How to Deactivate Metro Smart Card of Hyderabad Metro Rail.

Hyderabad Metro is one of the largest metro networks in India. The construction of this largest metro started in 2017. It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in 2017. It is the second-largest metro network in India followed by the Delhi metro.

The Hyderabad Metro is still under construction but it is, however, functional. It operates over 30 km stretch and is said to have almost 57 stations. Almost 30-35 stations are operational and are used by travelers across the city on a daily basis.

There are thousands of daily commuters who use the metro to travel across the city on a daily basis. There were a few set of guidelines released by the officials and government before making it operational. These daily commuters are diverse and most of them are the office-goers along with hundreds of students.

As the metro is said to have 57 stations and spread across the entire city, it has some specific rules and guidelines to be followed. The commuters can opt for a daily token that can be brought from any station at the counter. For making the process of using a metro easier, there are several token counters installed at numerous stations.

This makes it easier for the commuters to buy a token and travel within the given time. The token expires within 30 minutes which makes it compulsory for the commuters to board the metro within a specific time.

Apart from the token, the officials and the government have introduced ‘smart cards’.  There are several types of smartcards that are announced to be introduced soon. The only type of smart card that is available for now is the ‘nebula’ smart card. Smart cards are nothing but a kind of electronic wallet that allows you to pay instantly.

You can have instant access to the smart card and pay with the help of the same. You can recharge your smart card with a minimum amount of 100 rupees to a maximum of 2000 rupees. It depends on traveling and usage.

You can buy the Hyderabad metro smartcard on the official website of Hyderabad Metro Rail or contact the customer care. The smart card can be lost or even if you are not using it anymore, you must consider deactivating it. In case you lose or wish to deactivate the Hyderabad metro smart card, all you have to do is contact the customer care or directly reach out to the officials.

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The most common way to deactivate your Hyderabad metro smart card is by contacting the customer care. Your queries will be answered within a few minutes and there will be prompt action. In case, you cannot contact the customer care, you can contact any officials and then request the deactivation of your Hyderabad metro smart card.

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